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March 20, 2019

Is organic food really better for us? It sure is more expensive, but does spending that extra money benefit us?

Organic food is produced from start to finish in ecologically clean conditions.

There are no chemicals used, ecological balance is ensured, and it is packaged with zero or natural preservatives. Yes, organic food is better for humans indeed, but what about animals? Is organic cat food better than regular cat food?

Your cat is never going to become health-conscious one fine morning and demand to eat only organic produce. It is your responsibility as the pet parent to make sure that you give your fur babies the best. And today organic cat food is considered the best for kitties.

There is a difference between natural and organic cat food. Natural cat food is made without any artificial or chemically processed ingredient.

But organic food follows an ecologically-friendly safe and healthy production process from start to finish using no chemicals artificial ingredients or synthetic substances.

The right choice

While organic food has a clear definition, natural food is still very vague. Therefore, if you had to pick between natural and organic cat food, it is better to choose the latter.

So how do you recognize organic cat food? The trick lies in reading the labels correctly. Organic cat food is made with ingredients that are produced organically without the use of chemicals, pesticides, artificial or synthetic ingredients, or chemical processing.

If a regular cat food contains chicken, organic cat food for contain organic chicken. Ideally, the main component must be pure meat (not meat products, by-products, or animal proteins).

Other essential ingredients in organic cat food include fish oil, animal fats, certain vegetables, and fiber. Eggs are a commonly found ingredient in cat food.

Other nutrients that should be present in cat food are zinc, selenium, Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamins, taurine and probiotics. Taurine is important because it keeps the cats’ teeth healthy, the fatty acids make the coat shiny and the fiber keeps hair balls under control.

Known brands

Organic food goes through thorough testing to confirm if it is really organic. Don’t forget to check if the brand has gone through a thorough examination to pass the organic test. When switching to organic cat food, stick to only the reputed brands because they follow industry regulations and guidelines.