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April 03, 2019

Do you buy regular food for you and your family, or do you choose the ones that claim to be organic? If you choose the latter, you're not alone.

For your pet too

Nearly 68 percent Americans choose organic food according to some people because it's supposed to be healthier. Pet food also has organic varieties these days, although the options are limited.

But when you go to a pet store to buy food for kitty, don't be surprised to find food claiming to be a few times safer and healthier for your pet. That makes us wonder – is organic cat food really healthier than regular food?

When it comes to humans, there are several varieties of organic food. But the options are limited in pet food, and are also far more expensive than regular food.

Healthy cat food doesn't necessarily mean organic – but it's a fad and pet owners are quick to fall for them. In what way exactly is organic cat food healthier? There is no evidence for that.

The studies conducted on organic pet food haven't found anything dramatically different or eye-opening. The nutritional values were also found to be almost the same as regular food.

Small percentage

Organic food had a tiny percent of more amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. But the percentage was so small that it wouldn't contribute to any significant health benefit.

Furthermore, if a label claims that a food is organic, it doesn't mean it's all healthy. Even organic food can have low-grade ingredients and cheap fillers that don't benefit your kitty. There's also a common misconception that organic food is grown without pesticides.

The truth is, organic food is also grown with pesticides, the only difference is that they are not synthetic. But that isn't safer. Pesticides are harmful in every form.

If your cat doesn't have any special dietary needs and if you cannot afford the high cost of organic cat food, go ahead and choose regular food because there's barely any difference.

The only thing you should be concerned about is the use of quality ingredients in whatever kind of food you feed your pet. Remember that both organic and non-organic cat food have high-quality and low-quality options, so you should choose judiciously.

Also make sure to seek the recommendation of your veterinarian to figure out the best diet for your cat. If your cat has any health condition, they must be considered when formulating a diet.