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3 Signs You Should Switch Your Cat Food

It’s confusing and frightening when you realize the food you’ve been feeding your kitty for the last several years isn’t as good as you thought it was or just isn’t working anymore. How can you tell it’s time to switch before serious problems happen? Here are 3 signs to look for that will tell you it’s time to switch brands.

Your Cat’s Too Old for Their Current Cat Food

The sign to switch that will inevitably happen is your cat’s age. If you bring a kitten home you don’t feed them just any cat food, you give them cat food with kitten formulas because their little bodies have needs that common cheap cat food can’t give them.

Well, after your cat reaches adulthood, they will eventually become seniors, and the cat food they had during most of their adulthood either no longer gives them the nutrients they need, such as proper fiber, or is too hard for them to eat for their old teeth and gums, or other dental problems.

They Need a Special Formula For Their Health

Sometimes the reason to switch isn’t that it’s the cat food’s fault. Some cats will develop health problems like excessive hairballs, urinary tract infections or kidney stones, or sensitive stomachs, regardless of their cat food. Or they just become overweight.

When your cat’s health changes to this extent, you’ll usually be advised by veterinarians to look for cat foods with formulas that are made especially for cats with these conditions.

They Don’t Look or Act Healthy Like They Should

Is your poor kitty lethargic too much? Are they itchy a lot and have dull, flaky fur? Do they have diarrhea and seem gassier? These are all very common signs in your cat’s appearance and behavior that show it’s time to start transitioning your cat to new food.

Lethargy could mean there aren’t enough antioxidants in the food you have while gastrointestinal issues could indicate your cat has become intolerant to that particular cat food.

Skin conditions usually show that there are too few fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. If you would like to see if it’s a lack of fatty acids your kitty needs, try our Snappytom Naturals wet cat food pouches with fresh salmon, tuna, mackerel, and more.

In Short…

Having to switch cat food is expected to happen. However, you can avoid switching because of health problems by avoiding cheaply made cat food.

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