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The Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

Cat in apartment with human

When finding the perfect feline companion for your apartment, certain cat breeds naturally thrive in smaller spaces. 

Whether you're a first-time cat owner or looking to add another furry member to your family, understanding which breeds adapt well to apartment living can make all the difference. 

In this blog post, we'll guide you through some of the best cat breeds for apartment dwellers, focusing on their temperament, care needs, and why they're suited for compact living environments.

Ideal Cat Breeds for Small Spaces

British Shorthair

Known for their easygoing nature, British Shorthairs are excellent companions for those living in apartments. They're affectionate and highly adaptable, making them perfect for indoor living. 

With their plush coats and round, friendly faces, these cats don't demand constant attention, fitting well with a more laid-back lifestyle.

British Shorthair Cat

Scottish Fold

Characterized by their unique folded ears, Scottish Folds are as charming in personality as they are in appearance. 

They enjoy a good cuddle and are known to be very gentle and calm. Their ability to adapt to their surroundings and lower activity levels make them ideal for apartment living.


Scottish Fold Cat


Ragdolls are known for their docile and calm temperament, often described as puppy-like due to their tendency to follow their owners around. They're perfectly content lounging around the house and don't require much space to stay happy and healthy. 

Ragdolls make for a quiet and loving addition to any apartment.

Ragdoll Cat



Siamese cats are social, intelligent, and vocal. They form strong bonds with their owners and often loudly express their needs and desires. 

While they're more active than some other breeds mentioned, their playfulness and affectionate nature make them great companions for apartment dwellers who can provide plenty of interactive playtime.

Siamese Cat

Keeping Your Apartment Cat Happy and Healthy

Choosing the right cat breed for apartment living is crucial, as is ensuring their well-being. Interestingly, an survey revealed nearly 90% of renters are pet owners, underscoring the need for pet-friendly spaces. 


Here are tips to keep your indoor cat fit and happy:

  • Interactive Play: Engage your cat with toys and activities that stimulate their hunting instincts. It not only keeps them physically active but also mentally sharp.

  • Vertical Space: Cats love to climb and observe their surroundings from a high vantage point. Installing cat shelves or a cat tree can enhance their living space without taking up much room.

  • Routine Care: Regular vet check-ups, a balanced diet, and keeping up with vaccinations and parasite control are fundamental to your cat's well-being. Speaking of a balanced diet, feeding your feline friend high-quality cat food that meets their nutritional needs is essential. Snappy Tom's natural cat foods, including Snappy Tom Naturals and Snappy Tom Ultimates, are crafted with real fish and chicken, providing high-protein meals without artificial additives. These products ensure your indoor cat stays fit, healthy, and strong, supporting their overall well-being in an apartment setting.


Choosing the right cat breed for your apartment doesn't have to be a daunting task. Breeds like the British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Ragdoll, and Siamese offer the perfect companionship and adaptability for smaller living spaces. 

By providing your cat with love, care, and a nutritious diet like Snappy Tom's natural cat foods, you'll ensure your feline friend enjoys a happy and healthy life by your side, no matter the size of your home.

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