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Do Cats Benefit from a Wet Food Diet?

If you have only ever fed your cat dry food or you are trying to decide what to feed your new furry pal, you may wonder will your cat benefit from wet food. In nature, cats get most of the water their body needs from the food they catch.

Dry food has a low moisture content, so your cat needs to get water from a water bowl, which is not what cats are conditioned to do. There are several reasons as to why your cat will benefit from canned wet food. Let’s look at these reasons to help you decide what to feed your cat.

Better Hydration

Most cats do not like still or standing water. In nature, cats tend to avoid standing water because it often has insects and bacteria, which is why they innately are not drawn to water bowls. Cats prefer moving water, which is why a fountain may help solve this problem. While they are not efficient at drinking water, making sure they stay hydrated is very important.

Cats need water to regulate temperature, joint health, mobility, and organ health. Water makes up 60% of a cat’s body, so it’s vital to maintain proper hydration through adequate water intake.

Canned cat food is made with a minimum of 75% water. This provides much of the hydration that a cat needs, making it an easy option to keep your cat hydrated. Whereas the dry cat food contains only 6 to 10% of water.

Lean Body Mass

Wet food is high in protein, which supports strong muscles. It also helps maintain that muscle mass throughout adulthood and into a cat’s senior years.

A cat’s total body weight is comprised of lean body mass and fat mass. Muscles, ligaments, bones, organs, and more are all considered lean body mass. Feeding your cat, a diet of canned cat food with a high protein content can help maintain the lean body mass as your cat ages. It also helps cats feel fuller longer because of the higher water content.

Wet Cat Food Offers Variety

Like people cats get bored with their food when it is the same day after day. Wet cat food offers new and exciting flavor options. It is easy to buy a variety of high-quality food that will entice your cat to eat regularly. Whether your cat is drawn to seafood flavors or more traditional chicken, there are tons of options.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Canned cat food is highly digestible and makes it easier for kittens and senior cats to eat. It contains all the essential nutrients that your cat requires to live their best life. It tends to have fewer fillers and more of the critical nutrients. Check the ingredients labels of any food that you choose to make sure that there are all-natural ingredients.

Your cat will benefit from a wet food diet and get the health benefits that will let them age gracefully.

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