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Find the Best Light Cat Food to Battle Obesity

While obesity can occur at any life stage, it is especially prevalent in middle-aged cats. Excess weight is linked to several health conditions, some of which are serious and can shorten your cat’s lifespan. Just like humans, cats don’t want to lose out on taste when put on a weight management diet. However, if you choose a high quality cat food, they will never know they were put on a diet.

Find a Best Light Cat Food that Meets Nutrition Standards

The first step is to look for a diet that meets the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrition standards. This ensures that your cat is getting the required nutritional needs of your cat. While you will want to watch the caloric intake of your kitty, the cat food still needs to be high quality cat food.

Whether it is weight loss or weight management diet, there are specific qualities a vet and you should look for.

High in Protein

Cats are carnivores that need high amounts of dietary protein. Compared to carbohydrates and fat, protein converts to energy more efficiently. Since weight management diets tend to be less calorie-dense than maintenance diets, it is important to be sure that the diet still provides adequate protein in order to prevent loss of muscle mass as your kitty loses body fat.

The diet should have at least 35-45% protein content.

High Moisture and Fiber Content

Weight management diets tend to be higher in water and fiber content. Both ingredients help keep a cat fuller longer and fight off hunger. Moisture content is also a great way to make sure that your cat is getting enough water in their diet. As cats are not good water drinkers and you have to always be aware of water intake to prevent dehydration.

Canned cat food is a better choice when it comes to high moisture content. Dry cat food does not have a high moisture content, making it a less desirable choice.

Low in Carbohydrates and Fats

While having a certain amount of carbohydrates and fats is important in cats diets, the demand for these two ingredients is relatively low for overweight cats. Which is why you will find in best light cat food it is lower in both fats and carbohydrates.

No Crash Diets for Your Kitty

Weight loss for cats is different than humans, so you will need to check with your vet about doing so safely. Your vet will determine a target weight for your cat and guide you on how to make sure your cat doesn’t lose weight too fast. If you change to a best light cat food, you will find that their weight loss will happen slowly. When feeding your cat a light food, you also don’t have to cut back on the amount, so they won’t feel deprived. Snappy Tom has an all-natural, healthy lite line that will keep your cat fit, healthy, and strong. It fulfills all the nutritional needs while appealing to your cat’s taste.

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