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How Long Can a Cat Survive Without Premium Food?

We are really asking two questions here - first of all, how long can a cat survive without food? Experts say that after about two weeks, a cat will die from starvation.

The second, more important question, is how long can a cat survive without the best premium cat food? Well, the average lifespan of a domestic cat is between 10 and 20 years, making the average about 15. Wisdom would indicate that if you want your cat to live closer to the 20 year mark, a diet comprised exclusively from premium cat food would ensure the highest chance of that happening.

The reason this question is important is that due to various factors, people find that they have difficulty getting their cat to eat food sometimes. Another reason this question comes up is for cat owners who are interested in putting their feline through a cleansing regimen to get through a particular health condition.

This can be extremely worrying, especially if your cat refuses to eat for more than a day or two. Domestic cats can’t survive quite as long as feral cats without food, and generally require daily nutrition to stay in optimum health. Unfortunately, the answer to how long a cat can survive without food is not a simple one.

When your cat refuses to eat and isn’t getting ample nutrition, their body will resort to their fat reserves as a way to have energy and sustain themselves. One major problem is that if a cat’s liver doesn’t receive enough protein, it doesn’t have the ability to function properly. This is the beginning of the tragic process of liver failure, and serious organ damage. If your pet gets to this point, their life could be in serious danger (it generally takes several days of no eating to get to this point).

Variables that influence how long your can survive without food include the weather, their age, environment, genetics, and their emotional state. Older cats will typically not survive as long as a younger cat without food.

If your cat is refusing to eat, there’s a good chance that they just do not care for the food being given to them. In that situation, we encourage you to try Snappy Tom all-natural cat food, as we always have the health and vitality of your cat as our number one priority. We have three different lines of high-quality cat food to suit every palate, even the most finicky.

If your cat refuses to eat, don’t get too stressed out - there can be many causal factors that aren’t serious and can be easily fixed.

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