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How to Adopt the Right Cat for Your Family

Adopting a cat is an exciting decision but a big one at the same time. You may be looking forward to cuddling up to your new furry friend, but first, you must choose which cat to bring home.

Finding the right cat may feel overwhelming as you walk through your local animal shelter. There are so many things to consider! Don’t hesitate to ask shelter employees lots of questions about the adoptable, as they will be able to help you find the right cat for you.

Here are a few points to consider when looking for a cat to adopt.

Evaluate Your Current Lifestyle

What does your life look like at home? Are you always busy and constantly out of the house, or are you more of a homebody? If you’re always on the go, a confident, independent cat may be a better choice than a kitten that requires a lot of attention.

If you spend all day working at an office, consider adopting two cats so they can keep each other company while you’re gone.

Consider Family and Existing Pets

If other people live at home with you, then think about how they will interact with the cat. Do you have young kids at home? It’s essential to find a cat with a gentle demeanor who won’t mind sharing space with children.

Do you already have pets in your home? How do they get along with other pets? You’ll want to gradually introduce them and look for complementary personalities.

Ask the shelter employees whether any cats have experience with children or other pets. Ideally, you can introduce your children and existing pets to the cat before formalizing the adoption.

Age of the Cat

Many people gravitate toward kittens but don’t overlook the benefits of adopting an adult cat. While kittens are cute, they can be a lot more work. You’ll have to spend time litter training them, and they require much more supervision than an adult cat. Also, think about what it would take to kitten-proof your house. Hiding exposed cords and potentially harmful substances from a curious kitten can be a big undertaking in a busy household.

One benefit of adopting an older cat is that their personality has already developed, so you’ll have a better idea of how they may fit into your household.

Be Ready for an Adjustment Period

Moving from the shelter to your home will be a huge adjustment for your new cat, so you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for them. Set up a single room for your new cat to stay in until they get comfortable with their new surroundings.

Some cats adjust immediately, but for others, it takes weeks to acclimate to their new home. You’ll also want to introduce new family members slowly so they can get used to one or two people at a time. The same goes for your existing pets.

Ask Shelter Employees

If you are looking for a cat with a particular temperament, there is no better resource than shelter employees or volunteers. They are the ones who have spent the most time with the animals there.

They may also be able to give you some tips to help your new kitty better acclimate to their new home.

Choosing the Right Cat

Adopting a cat is more than just visiting the shelter and picking out the one you think is prettiest. There are many lifestyle factors to consider, so make sure you’ve thought these things through before adopting.

Patience will go a long way after you bring your new cat home, and it will take some time for them to adjust and get comfortable in their new surroundings. However, the benefits far outweigh the costs!

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