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How to Determine if It’s High Quality Cat Food

Like the adage quality over quantity, the same can be said when it comes to your cat’s food. Favor quality foods, so many industrial brands are harmful to your cat's health. Oh, yes! It's like for us! Risk of diabetes, kidney problems, teeth, obesity and so on. It is the veterinarians who say it is better to give quality food, rather than low quality, cheap food.

Where to Start

Start with the cat food label the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established some guidelines to regulate what must be included in a pet food label and what pet food companies can claim.

First look at the name of the pet food, AAFCO requires that if a single ingredient is listed in the name it must contain at least 95% of that ingredient, not including added water. If it is a combination of two ingredients, then it must be 95% of the two combined.

All cat foods should have some source of animal protein and fat. Cats have specific needs especially in taurine.

Vary as much as possible with the food, fish and meat when they are young to get used to it and avoid it becoming difficult later. Without rotating your cat’s protein source it can actually cause sickness in your cat, because, the stomachs of cats are very fragile.

Research the cat food brand as well. Sourcing and quality control are huge factors when looking for a high quality cat food. Unfortunately, pet food labels will not give you this information, look on the company’s website to try and find the answer. Many products are processed in third-party facilities and the quality control of the food is not up to par. Companies that use human grade facilities and practices are perfect brands for your cat.

If possible, try giving the rations several times a day rather than giving him everything all at once. Cats in the wild eat many times a day, it's the pace that suits them best. In addition, high quality cat food may need to be served in smaller meals as it can be a little richer, but for the taste and health of your little companion there is no better option.

Designed by veterinarians’ nutritionists, industrial food has been specially developed according to the needs of the cat. Taking your cat’s life stage into account whether it’s for young kittens, adult, senior or weight management.

In addition, specialists focus on developing recipes that appeal to your cat. However, it is advisable to opt for high-end brands that will have a recipe and ingredients of better quality and will not contain by-products or fillers.

Always leave fresh water available for your cat, if possible, not near the food bowl, cats like to drink in a different place than where they eat. Change the water regularly or invest in a water fountain if you are away during the day.

The higher the quality, the more the food is used completely by the body. Therefore, the benefits of opting for a high quality cat food are many.

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