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How to Fulfill My Cats Nutritional Needs With Healthy Cat Food

What’s considered healthy for humans may not be fit to consume for your feline friends. Cats have altogether a different kind of nutritional requirement.

What is generally thought as essential for humans might be something that cats are allergic too. So, you can’t feed them anything that you find in your refrigerator.

You can serve them canned cat food that has all the nutrients that are studied in a clinical setting and found to be suitable for kittens.

Choosing the right food involves three things, it should be natural, should have the requisite nutritional content, and well, thirdly, you should pick a flavor that is not repulsive to your cat.

Which natural cat food is safe for my cat?

Cats are essentially meat-eaters; this is because they require protein for most of their basic functions such as, heart, reproductive system, and vision.

Cooked chicken, turkey, or beef can be a good source of protein for your cat and she would probably love it. But refrain from serving her raw or spoiled meat as that could make her sick.

You can serve your cat fish which is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid, which will keep her eyes sharp and also boost her immunity against kidney and heart disorders.

Also, to take care of her hydration needs, offering your goofy little cat with the best kitten wet food, like, chicken chunks in gravy or tuna with jelly, could be an excellent idea.

That will assuage her hunger while also taking care of proper water intake into her body.

Avoid food she is allergic to

How do you figure out what food she is allergic to? certainly not by experimenting. It’s not a good idea to feed your kitten with food that you are unsure if she can digest. But you don’t have to do that, there are certain food items that most cats can’t handle.

There are enough of other healthy options that to turn to these types of food that are potentially unfit for most felines.

There are some foods that you should refrain from including in her diet at all. She might get terribly sick if she consumed these.

  • Garlic and Onion

  • Chocolate

  • Grapes

  • Bread

  • Alcohol

Cats do not digest grains and glutinous food easily. If her health is your priority while feeding her, make sure that she is only fed gluten free cat food. Also avoid dairy items as their tummies can’t handle dairy products like cheese and other milk products.

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