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How to Pick the Best Kitten Wet Food

As exciting as it is, having a new kitten can also be extremely exhausting. When it comes to choosing the best kitten wet food, the different choices can be overwhelming.

How do you make sure there are no deficiencies or excesses? How do you make sure that your little kitty doesn’t fall sick?

The best place to start is by asking your vet about the right diet and specially formulated wet food for your growing kitten. Wet food is more preferable for you kitty, because it is more wholesome, keeps cats hydrated, and also has a high nutrient value.

Here are five more tips to pick the best kitten wet food.

Choose the right brand

Always pick a pet food company that has had its formulations undergo AAFCO feeding trials. This ensures that every product from that brand has been fed to real cats before being released into the market.

Those that pass the AAFCO feeding trials invest in scientific research and consult with vets to make the best kitten wet food. Make sure you give your kittens the best right from the beginning.

Check the calories

Growing kittens need double the calories than what a grown cat need. This is because they are growing and developing every minute of their lives, as well as spending energy in all that playing. Because nutrition determines the growth rate of cats, it is vital to be mindful of the calories in the food that you give them.

Combine wet and dry food

It is wise to mix wet and dry food from the earliest stages, to help them get used to the different varieties. If you give them the best kitten wet food and no dry kibble, it may never want to eat dry food. The same goes for wet food. Kittens should be given both kinds for a better experience.

Check the ingredients

Proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals need to be in the right proportion in the best kitten wet food. Because kittens need more nutrition that grown cats, you should check the ingredients before you buy a canned or dry food for your little feline buddy.

Maintain their weight

Take your kitten for regular checkups to make sure they are the ideal weight and not developing any health issue. When a kitten grows up with the right weight, they have less chances of becoming overweight and falling sick from a medical condition.

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