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Ingredients to Look For in Premium Cat Food

Choosing a healthy diet for your cat can be intimidating. With so many premium cat food brands out there, how do you figure out which is best for your feline friend?

Well, one of the most important things you can do to make sure that she gets quality food is to check the ingredients. To ensure that your cat gets optimal health and her longevity is maximized, feed her a diet of premium food with high-quality ingredients.

Important Ingredients that Premium Cat Food Must Contain

Here is a look at important ingredients that you should look for in premium cat food:

Proteins: Being descendants of wild cats that hunted prey to consume for survival, cats are carnivorous by nature. This means that they need protein in their diet.

Your cat needs arachidonic acid and Taurine.

Arachidonic acid is omega-6 fatty acid that maintains renal health and Taurine is an amino acid that improves heart health and slows down retinal degeneration. Check the label for mention of ingredients such as chicken, turkey, salmon, and so forth.

Often the ingredients are followed by the name of the organ – such as chicken heart, or chicken liver, these are rich sources of protein that you can buy with your eyes closed.

Carbohydrates: Contrary to common belief, cats do not need a lot of carbohydrates in their as they are obligate carnivores and need to eat meat to thrive and survive. Some breeds of cats may have trouble digesting certain carbs and develop food allergies that are caused due to carbohydrates present in what they eat.

That said, some cats can digest carbs and some amount of carbohydrates in their diet is good for them as they are an important source of energy. If you notice your cat developing allergies after eating a specific brand that is rich in carbs, avoid buying it again.

Many cats are allergic to corn, and hence steer clear from any can that has corn filler or other such as an ingredient. You may go in for brands that contain carbs such as sweet potatoes, green peas, and potato starch as they are healthy fillers.

Fish: Cats love fish! There is no denying this! Instead of opting for food that has inferior ingredients such as beef tallow, treat your kitty to canned food that contains fish. There are a number of brands that sell food made from clean, dried and ground tissue of fish cuttings or whole undecomposed fish with or without the extraction of oil.

Your cat is sure to gobble it all up in no time at all, and yet you can be reassured knowing that all that he is eating is good and nutritious food. However, look out for the amount of salt contained in the food. If the can contains over 7 percent salt, you are better off looking for another brand.

Premium cat food is not cheap, so do not settle for the first can you lay your eyes upon. Be sure to check the ingredients, know what they mean, and ensure they are in the right proportion before you check it out! After all, your kitty deserves the best, doesn’t she (or he!)?

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