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Senior Cat’s Food Requirements for Optimal Health

When your cat reaches the age of senior citizenship. It is time to make sure that your furry pal is getting all the dietary requirements they need to stay as healthy as possible. There are two age brackets for older cats. Senior cats are between the ages of 7 to 11. Geriatric cats are 11 and older.

Older Cats Specific Needs

Senior cats are prone to being obese while geriatric cats are more prone to lose body mass. Both senior and geriatric cats need highly digestible food with tons of nutrients. High quality cat foods will naturally fulfill their specific needs.

Senior Cats Musts

Senior cats require a high protein diet. They need the protein to maintain lean body mass.

They still need healthy fats in their diet. While fats can be difficult to digest, they still need some in their diet. Finding food that has the correct amount and as digestible as possible.

A senior cat may be experiencing a decline in their immune system. Enhanced antioxidants in their diet will help support the immune system.

They need to stay hydrated as much as possible. Getting water in a cat at any age is tricky, and older cats are more problematic. Kidney problems tend to happen in senior cats and that increases water loss. Canned cat food is one way to get more water into your cats’ diet. Canned cat food is made up of a minimum of 75% water. Which will make a significant difference in their health.

Seniors need more taurine in their diets versus an adult cat’s diet. Taurine is a heart-healthy ingredient found in cat food proteins. They need taurine in all stages, but especially in kitten and senior foods. High quality cat food will naturally have enough taurine for your cat’s dietary needs.

While joints naturally degenerate as part of the aging process. Omega-3 fatty acids will help keep your cat’s joint health in a better place. It is common for cats in their senior years to develop arthritis and joint problems. Making mobility harder and not helping with them becoming obese.

Geriatric Cats Necessities

Many of the needs in their senior years still are true in their geriatric years. However, a few modifications to their diet may need to be made.

Geriatric cats especially need more calories in their diet, in order to keep the ideal body weight. If you notice a dramatic drop, consult with your vet.

Give Them the Best Nutrition Possible

Make sure that meal portions are consistent alone with mealtimes so that you can monitor if there is a change in your cat’s appetite. High quality cat food will make it easy for you to give your kitty the best nutrition for their older years.

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