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The Best Light Cat Food to Shed Extra Weight

Considering that in the United States, approximately 59% of cats are classified as overweight or obese (putting them at risk for weight-related disorders), it seems prudent to double check that your feline companion is at a healthy weight.

Accumulating unwanted pounds is an increasingly common and unfortunate by-product of our modern lifestyles. We face many stressors that our ancestors could barely fathom - sitting in traffic, texting, using the computer, watching TV, not getting physical activity, working all day and night, eating fast food/processed food - we are being assaulted from all angles.

It’s a common belief that pets are a reflection of their owners, so it’s no surprise that many of us have the well-intentioned tendency of over-feeding (which can happen even with the best, all natural cat food) and under-exercising our loyal companions.

Use these easy tricks to make a quick assessment:

  • Look at your cat from above - you should see a visible ‘waist’ between the ribcage and hips. If your cat is extra hairy, run your hands along the sides to check for an indentation.

  • Look again, this time from the side. A healthy cat will slope upwards from the ribcage to the back legs - if you instead see a ‘tummy pouch’ your cat may be an unhealthy weight.

  • Feel your kitty’s torso - you should be able to identify her spine and ribs, without applying much pressure.

If, after using these tools, you feel that your cat is overweight - don’t fret, we are here to help! At Snappy Tom, we take pride in crafting a line of premium cat food made explicitly to trim down an oversized cat - we call it Snappy Tom Lites.

Snappy Tom Lites Healthy Cat Food provides cats from young to old the nutrients they require, with all-natural premium ingredients to keep your cat fit, healthy, and full of vitality. High in protein (as cat food should be), it boasts flavors that your feline friend is sure to enjoy time and time again.

Just as with our bodies, though, there is more to health and well-being than only high-quality cat food. Other tips to aid in the kitty-slimming process include cutting out the table scraps, giving your cat several smaller meals throughout the day (as opposed to one or two feasts), reducing or eliminating snacks and treats, and spending plenty of quality time with your cat - so they don’t turn to munch out of sheer boredom or loneliness.

As a bonus, Snappy Tom Lites Healthy Cat Food never adds anything artificial. We carry an entire line of nutritionally balanced natural cat food made from real fish, chicken, and tuna. We specially formulate these high-quality ingredients into recipes that will not only keep your cat happy but more importantly - healthy.

Before you make the switch to lite cat food, consult your veterinarian and ensure you have an accurate weight measurement - this will be useful to find out exactly how much weight your cat needs to lose.

Cats can become irritated with sudden changed from rich to light food, and there’s a chance it won’t go over well. We recommend gradually introducing your cat to the new diet by adding a small amount to their regular food, and slowly increasing the ratio until they are on 100% light food.

We want the best for your cat, and hope our all-natural lite cat food helps you achieve your kitty’s weight loss goals - and regain that spring in their step!

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