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Tips to Choosing the Best Canned Cat Food

There are many considerations to make when choosing a canned cat food for your furry friend. When you are looking into the different brand choices, you will want to take several factors into consideration such as the age of your cat, the ingredients, the brand, and more. Giving your cat the right food will ensure a happy and healthy life.

High Quality Ingredients

The first and the most important is picking a canned cat food that has high quality ingredients. When reading the ingredient label, you want the first one listed to be an animal protein, whether that is a fish or a meat. If it says meat-by-product then you will not want to look any further at that product and move on to another one.

You will want to double-check the cat food has taurine, water or moisture content, vitamins and minerals listed in the ingredients. These are critical for a cat’s nutrition. Water is important in cat food, as cats are not good about drinking water on their own. They make canned cat food with a minimum of 75% water. Which is why canned cat food is a better choice than dry.

Your Cat’s Age

Just like humans when cats are at certain stages in their life, their needs are different. For example, a kitten needs a higher calorie count, while a senior cat needs fewer calories to maintain their weight. Therefore, you want to check to see if the brand you choose does offer a lite version if the need arises.

The American Animal Hospital Association has identified six stages of a cat’s life.

  • Kitten – 0-6 months

  • Junior – 6 months - 2 years

  • Prime – 3-6 years

  • Mature – 7-10 years

  • Senior – 11-14 years

  • Geriatric – 15 years and older

Different Flavors

Look for a brand that has different flavor options in their cat food. Cats are like humans, they tend to like variety in their food. By adding different flavors, you will also help give your cat a well-rounded diet. Your cat will get a better variety of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Brand Reputation

Research the company that makes the cat food. Look and see where they process the food. Is it in their own facility or do they outsource it to a cheaper processor? If they have their own facility, then they can adhere to a stricter quality guideline. Check out third party reviews online. Have they had a food recall in the last few years?

High Quality Cat Food is Important

Once you start investigating brands and ingredients, your list of canned cat food options will decrease. High quality cat food is a huge factor when picking a canned cat food, as you want to feed your cat the best.

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