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Where is the Best Place to Put Your Cat’s Litter Box?

Whether you’ve recently introduced a cat to your home or struggling with a cat who refuses to use their litter box, finding the right location is key.

Naturally, you probably don’t want the litter box to feature prominently within your home’s interior design scheme. But choosing a location that is too obscure might deter your cat from using the litter box altogether.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding where to place your cat’s litter box.

Find a place your cat feels safe

If the litter box is placed somewhere your cat feels anxious, they probably won’t ever use it. Cats may feel vulnerable while doing their business, so they need a space where they feel safe and comfortable.

Usually, this will be somewhere away from the household commotion and without the risk of interruption by other pets.

Pay attention to where your cat enjoys spending time within your home. Is there a particular room they prefer to lounge around in? This would be a great candidate for litter box placement.

Provide continuous access

Choosing a litter box location that your cat will always be able to access is important. If the litter box is tucked inside a closet or an ensuite bathroom, there’s a chance that the door could be closed, restricting their access and leading to accidents.

In the same way, the route to your cat’s litter box should be one that they feel comfortable traveling. If you have a timid kitty, don’t force them to trek through a high-traffic area to reach the box.

Take note of your cat’s typical route and place the litter box along it.

Create a comfortable space

Once again, cats will be most inclined to use their litter box if they feel secure in the surrounding area. You may be able to boost your cat’s sense of security by creating some privacy around their litter area.

Placing the litter box behind a piece of furniture or a tall house plant will not only conceal the litter box from view but help your cat feel safer. Ideally, your cat will be able to see anyone approaching but have something to hide behind, so they are concealed from view. If your kitty is especially timid, place the litter box against a wall to make surveillance easier for them.

Multiple litter boxes

If you have multiple cats, there’s a good chance you have multiple litter boxes in your home. Instead of placing them side by side, spread them out in different parts of your home, as cats seem to prefer this.

Multiple litter boxes can work well in single-cat homes, too, if your home is large or has multiple levels. Consider placing one box upstairs, one downstairs, or at different ends of your home. If you notice your cat favors one box over the others, you can always remove the extra one.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, there is no hard and fast rule regarding where to place a litter box. Each cat is different, and the ideal location will depend on your cat’s preferences, household dynamics, and the layout of your home.

It may take some trial and error before you find the perfect place to put the litter box, so always exercise patience with your cat.

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