Snappy Tom Ultimates Variety Pack

Snappy Tom Ultimates Variety Pack

Do you want to eat the same thing for every meal? Would your cat?

With the Snappy Tom Ultimates Variety Pack, you and your cat can have a choice between a variety of healthy options at every meal time. Not only will your cat be excited about meal time, but they will also receive a variety of protein sources and nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced diet.



The Ultimate Variety Pack contains 3-oz. cans of the following formulas:

Case of 12

  • (2) Tender Chicken in Broth
  • (2) Lean Chicken and Fish in Broth
  • (2) Tuna and Mackerel
  • (2) Tuna and Barramundi
  • (2) Tuna with Chicken Breast and Prawn
  • (2) Tuna with Fish Roe and Chicken Breast

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