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About Us

Snappy Tom is an iconic brand, launched over 50 years ago in Adelaide, Australia. It was the first brand there to focus on fish as a main protein source for Australia’s cats. Prior to that, cats were fed mainly beef, lamb, and chicken as protein sources. The arrival of Snappy Tom paved the way for healthy, pure fish protein segments in cat food, and all the positive health aspects associated with it, such as Omega oils for joint, heart, and coat health.


Proud to be made from real fish for real cats, Snappy Tom has become a favorite for cats in Australia, Asia and Europe, and can now be enjoyed by cats across the United States and in Canada!

Keeping our responsibility to the oceans in which we fish.

The fish included in Snappy Tom products are collected safely and responsibly. Our practices are dolphin-safe and we do not use tuna collected in fish aggregating devices (FADs), as these devices have a high rate of by-catch of non-targeted species. We provide a wide variety of healthy, quality cat food products.

Putting your pet’s health before our bottom line.

Because our products are processed in our own facilities and not assigned to cheaper third-party processors, we are able to maintain strict quality control over everything we do.

Our pet food is processed in the same facilities as human grade food, and is therefore approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is in contrast to the old fashioned ‘feed grade’ kibble that can contain by-products, chemicals, fillers and other ingredients defined as unfit for human consumption. We take pride in this distinction and believe it speaks to the quality and integrity of the products we put to market.

Our slogan, ‘real fish for real cats’ refers to the high quality fish meat included in our recipes, which helps create the perfect taste and texture your cats will love!

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