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5 Proven Ways to Select The Right Canned Cat Food

Canned cat food is usually wet in nature and preferred by those who shop for their cat diet once in a while and store it for long-term use.

However, canned cat food, if selected wrongly, could lead to a number of problems including serious health conditions and even death. That’s why selecting it carefully is most essential.

How do you select the right canned cat food?

Take brand longevity of the canned cat food into account: An established and trustworthy brand of quality canned cat food is always preferable over something that’s new in the market and is yet to establish its credentials. An older manufacturer will most probably have perfected its manufacturing methods, quality control systems, and hygiene processes and is most likely to deliver a better product that’s here to stay.

Do a survey before selection: Before you zero in on a particular canned cat food, read online company reviews or consult with friends, associates, and family members for suitable recommendations. Your veterinarian could also give you some sound advice on the matter.

Choose a product suitable to the cat's life stage: It’s already established that kittens, adults as also older cats not only thrive on different diet types and there’s no one-size-fits-all type available in the market. Thus, you need to select that particular canned cat food that optimizes their diet on the basis of their age.

You will have to select accordingly for kittens under six months of age; junior cats aged between seven months and two years; the adult cat that’s between three and six years old; mature cats in the age group of seven to ten years; and seniors between eleven and fourteen years of age and above.

Compulsorily check out the expiry date: Expired canned cat food could develop some very serious contaminants, which could either make the cat critically ill or even kill it because of severe food poisoning.

That’s why it’s most essential to look at the can’s manufacturing and packing date as also the period till which it can be consumed. The more recent the packing date, the better it is and safer too.

Evaluate variety of product: Choose a canned cat food brand that produces multiple products. This will be of help in future if the cat needs to change its dietary habits.

A brand that comes with both budget and premium products as also with multiple flavors like poultry, fish, and beef and/or with specific health needs like hairball prevention and urinary health, should be preferred.

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