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6 Cat Food Myths Debunked

Dry Cat Food Cleans Teeth

This is one that is very commonly heard by pet owners. Cats are carnivores by nature. Cats have sharp pointed teeth. These teeth are designed to bite, tear, and shred food. Most cats tend to swallow the dry food whole, so it doesn’t scrape the teeth. Most dental problems are on the lower part of the teeth closer to the gumline. Dry food doesn’t help scrape the teeth.

Carbohydrates break down into sugars and, in fact, dental bacteria feed on it. Brushing your cat’s teeth or having the vet clean them will keep their teeth clean.

Premium Cat Food Is Just Higher Priced

Quality ingredients are found in premium cat food. Premium cat foods contain better ingredients, cooked at lower levels to preserve nutrients and package the food to preserve freshness. They focus on how your cat metabolizes the food and caters their formulas to fit.

While some premium cat food may cost a little more is because of the quality of the ingredients and the final product.

High Protein Diets Are Hard on Your Cat

This myth is a direct result of poor food quality manufacturers. High protein diets are healthy for your cat. Diets that are made of plant protein only are too hard on their organs. Poor quality pet foods that contain soy and corn are hard for their bodies to process. Because manufacturers add these fillers into the food, the perception is that the protein diet is too much for your cat.

Cats need animal proteins in their diet no matter your pet’s age. It is the ingredients in the dry or canned cat food that makes the difference.

People Food and Table Scraps are Bad

This myth is true and false. There are people foods that are healthy and beneficial to your cat. However, not all food and table scraps are good. Some people foods that are safe for your cat include spinach, pumpkin, skinned apples, cooked salmon, chicken, and cantaloupe. Onions, garlic, shallots, and scallions are dangerous for your cat. In large quantities, they are toxic to your cat. Which is one reason why table scraps are bad, many meals have some of these ingredients.

Cats Can Eat Dog Food

Cats require different protein, fat, and taurine than dogs. The formulas that are made for the two pets vary greatly and while if your cat takes a few bites out of your dog’s bowl, it won’t hurt them. However, dog food is not a substitute for cat food.

Leaving Food Out So Your Cat Won’t Be Hungry

Leaving out dry cat food is more for convenience, not necessary for the health of your cat. Having a free choice feeding opportunity for your cat, it can cause problems. You can not easily monitor how much your cat is eating. For a cat that is overweight, this will add more calories to their diet. Dry cat food tends to have more carbohydrates, which is not ideal for them.

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