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A User’s Guide To Premium Cat Food

What is Premium Cat Food?

Premium cat food as the name suggests, is high quality food for felines and is also more expensive as animal foods manufacturers and sold under prominent brand names.

Premium cat food is available in two types: dry or canned wet food. The latter usually contains real meat and is less expensive. However, its high protein content may be unsuitable for kittens which are unable to digest extra proteins like adult felines.

On the other hand, dry cat food has a lower hydro content and is usually roasted unlike canned wet food. It also lasts longer because it’s meant to be fed in small amounts over time.

Why feed your cat premium cat food?

Premium cat food inevitably helps a kitten grow into a strong and healthy cat. Any cat that’s fed on poor quality food will end up with multiple health issues that include diarrhea and diabetes, which may prove fatal also.

Dry foods for instance with excessive grain content may lead to urinary infections and obesity. That’s what makes reading the food pack labels so essential before you select a particular brand and to take your vet’s opinion as well.

Quality meat, grains, permitted additives and sugars combined in the right proportions, go into the making of premium cat food.

These contain more meat instead of grains and vegetables, which are known to be unsuitable for cats. So, avoid anything with a high grain content because the cat could become diabetic or develop allergies that are grain-induced, later.

The food being meat-rich, also has a larger water content which is required to keep the cat hydrated. Meats contain about 75 to 80% water. Thus, it goes without saying that your cat should be fed premium cat food to maintain good health and to strengthen its immunity. This will undoubtedly prolong its life and also keep it disease free.

Very healthy

Certain well known brands of premium cat food are also available without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. These are replaced plant-based vitamins, natural animal meat, and essential minerals.

Key aspects

Since these are also mostly grain-free, they do not contain soy, corn, or wheat, known to induce food sensitivities in cats. Even biological byproducts such as blood, skeletal meats, connective tissue or animal organs aren’t used to manufacture them, making them the safest bet for your cat’s ultimate nutrition.

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