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All That You Need To Know About Natural Cat Food

Natural cat food is fast becoming fashionable among cat owners, particularly for those who can afford to bear the extra cost for it.

The question that now comes to mind is: What is natural cat food exactly? In basic terms, it comprises fresh and raw meats, rich in fat and proteins, balanced correctly with carbohydrates and organic vegetable matter.

This is supplemented by adding kelp, yeast, calcium, lecithin, and vitamin C to provide all the extra natural minerals, vitamins, and trace elements that are found in a natural diet featuring live prey.

Since cats ingest grass as their natural diet, the wheat grass and green vegetables are added to natural cat food as the green element.

What is ideal natural cat food?

A typically balanced natural cat food contains the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins and trace minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, iron and calcium. These in their totality, strengthen the cat’s vital organs, particularly its brain and cardiovascular system and also improve vision.

The importance of natural cat food

Natural cat food is normally preferred by cats if they are fed on it right from the beginning. However, cats can be fussy about their food habits and sudden changes in their regular food are never welcome.

If you are seriously thinking about prolonging your cat’s life and its good health, stick to natural food as fresh is the best option. A mix of chicken stock and sardines could be a balanced meal but one needs to get them used to first eating raw meat.

Raw food works well because cats being natural creatures are not used to eating, digesting and absorbing cooked food.

Moreover, ever since their evolution thousands of years ago, their mouths, stomach, teeth, internal organs, intestines, and enzymes also evolved to chew, digest and absorb raw food.

Also, ample scientific evidence suggests that should felines be exposed to cooked foods, particularly cooked meat, it could lead to a lot of common illnesses and also cancer.

Thwarting disease

Natural cat food is also known to prevent an assortment of skin diseases like dermatitis, tooth & gum disease, allergies, renal failure, arthritis, aural infections, reproductive failure, obesity and blockage of the anal gland because of the wholesomeness of its nature.

It prevents the animal from being malnourished and boosts its immune system substantially. The latter is important as a string immunity system fights environmental bacteria and protects the cat from diseases like distemper and other contagious conditions.

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