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Best Light Cat Food Will Help Your Cat Lose Weight Without a Fight

If your cat has been increasing in size and is now in the overweight or obese category, it is time to start looking into ways to help them. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 cats are overweight so your cat is not alone; it is a common problem as they age.

Health Risks for Overweight Cats

Cats who are overweight are at an increased risk of a number of health conditions including diabetes, arthritis, and lower urinary tract disease. Because they are less limber, you may find that your cat has trouble grooming themselves thoroughly and their coat is matted or greasy.

Fewer Calories

Cats need to cut calories like people in order to lose weight. A common misconception is that cats don’t need regular meals and that having a bowl of food out so that they can regulate their own food. The majority of cats do not have self-restraint and continuous eating leads to the extra pounds. It also means that they are eating dry food, which has a high carb and calorie count to begin with.

A Canned Cat Food Diet

Canned cat food is often lower in calories compared to the same amount of dry food. The increased water content in canned food helps your cat feel full and satisfied after meals without adding extra calories. Feeding the canned best light cat food can be an easier way to feed them the same amount of food so that they don’t feel cheated. They are less concentrated, so you don’t have to give them smaller portion sizes.

Best Light Cat Food

While some pets are just a few pounds overweight and can lose weight easily, there are pets who can’t lose the last few pounds or have a lot of weight to drop. The best light cat food is a great option. It has more precise nutrition, with a lower calorie count. The protein should have a minimum of 35% so that it is high in protein like a cat’s natural diet.

Indoor cats in particular do not need heavy carbohydrate food choices. Which could be one of the problems with a heavier cat’s diet. The higher the concentration of carbs in the diet, the lower the intake of protein. Cat’s are built for using protein and fat as energy sources versus carbs. Cats crave proteins so the best light cat food is a good choice.

Check the labels to ensure that it is nutritionally complete and well balanced. The worst thing when trying to change your cat’s diet is to cut down on their intake and not give them all the nutrients that they still need.

Get Your Cat to Their Ideal Weight

Of course, as with any good diet change, it is best to discuss with your veterinarian as to the best way to help your cat lose weight gradually and effectively. For a cat that likes variety, find the best light cat food with options so that they are still having excitement over food. Making sure your cat is at their ideal weight is one of the most important things you can do for their health.

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