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Canned Cat Food For Kitties With Allergies

The pet food industry is filled with an overwhelming number of brands that claim to make allergen-free food. Since humans tend to suffer from certain food allergies, they assume that their pets also suffer from the same.

But you'll be surprised to learn that animals rarely suffer from food allergies. So, when brands make you believe that your pets can suffer from a host of food allergies, it's a marketing ploy.

Not really because of food

Allergies do happen to cats and dogs but they are rarely because of food. Some of the signs of allergy in a cat are itchy skin, ear infection, diarrhea, and losing fur. But allergies usually have causes that mostly aren't related to food.

However, if you are unsure about feeding your cat food that could allergic reactions, you could try to avoid certain ingredients in canned cat food.

The ingredients that are mostly known to cause allergic reactions in cats are milk and milk products. Any food that contains lactose can cause diarrhea in cats. Grains like soy and corn as well as gluten can also sometimes cause allergies in cats.

This has led to the popularity of grain free cat food. But vegetables like potato and peas can also cause allergic reactions in many cats.

However, the biological functioning of cats is more complicated than that of humans. If one ingredient causes allergy in a few cats it is not mean that the same ingredient will also cause allergies in other cats.

Cats usually have a diet of chicken, fish, beef, and pork, but certain cats can be allergic to these products.

You could be feeding your cat gluten free cat food rich in chicken and fish only to find out that your precious kitty is allergic to fish. In that case, grain free food is of no use.

Food allergies in cats are diagnosed with the help of blood tests. But no test can find out the specific ingredient that is causing the allergy. That is why a popular approach for diagnosing food allergies in cats is dietary elimination trial.

Every cat is different

So, does allergen-free natural cat food really work? There is no way to be sure because every cat is different. Your cat may be able to eat and digest grains without any problem but your neighbor's cat could be allergic to gluten.

No certainty

If you have five cats in the house, three of them could be allergic to lactose while the other two allergic to peas and potatoes. There is no definite way to be sure that the food being marketed as allergen free is actually healthy for your cat.

Therefore, you have to understand your cat's preferences and bodily functioning to find out what works best for her. And if your kitty has allergies, it may have something to do with a weak immune system.

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