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Canned Cat Food vs Dry Cat Food – What is the Best Choice?

Canned cat food versus dry cat food is a battle that many pet owners have. Nutrients are the key to choosing any type of cat food. There are many things to consider when choosing dry or wet as well as premium or basic cat food. Here are some key considerations.

Price Tag

Dry cat food tends to be cheaper than canned food. Why is that? Dry foods lean towards having more carbohydrates in them. Many dry foods use grains, rice, and cornmeal, which is less expensive to produce. Some cat foods both dry and wet may contain proteins from vegetables instead of meat. This is not ideal for your cat as they are a carnivore. Cats are different than dogs, cats are carnivores, whereas dogs are omnivores and are able to break down vegetable and animal proteins.

Another reason that they need animal proteins is that cats require a certain amount of taurine for overall wellness. Taurine is an amino acid that is found primarily in meat. Higher protein levels are found in canned cat food.

Moisture Content and Hydration

One of the biggest differences between dry and wet cat food is the moisture content. Cats rely on their food to give them their water intake. As they are not as prone to drink out of a water bowl as much as they should. Canned cat food has a higher moisture content. Dry cat food contains 10% where canned cat food contains 78% moisture.

For cats with kidney problems, the more water intake, they can get the better it helps them. It also can help lower urinary tract diseases.

Dental Problems and Older Cats

One argument for dry food is that it helps keep your cats’ teeth cleaner. They have not proven this to be true. Keeping your cat’s teeth clean with routine cleaning is the best choice.

Older cats may have trouble with crunchy dry food. If they have gum disease or dental issues, it could prevent them from being as interested in eating. Canned cat food makes it easier for them.

Effects on Weight

Cats who are on a dry food diet only are more prone to being overweight. While this is true, it is not to be said that a cat eating canned food cannot be overweight. Cheap canned food, however, is not any better than dry cat food for weight management. It is imperative that you are giving your cat premium cat food. Premium food has better ingredients, higher quality protein sources, and no artificial dyes or ingredients.


While you may be opposed to canned cat food as you don’t want it to get all over their whiskers or nose, cats are thorough groomers and cleaners. So, unlike a dog, your cat will keep their coat and face clean.

The Balance in Food Choices

Many cats seem to prefer wet food over dry. Canned cat food simulates a cat’s natural diet. Premium cat food and even canned cat food may be a little more costly than other options. In the end, it balances out when your cat has fewer veterinary costs. It also will give you less to worry about and know that you are giving your cat the best.

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