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Cat in the Box

If you’ve ever been searching your home for your cat, only to find your furry friend hiding in a box, a dark closet, or under your bed, there’s no need for concern. Researchers say that cats have a natural instinct to snuggle into dark, confined spaces. The reasoning, since cats are predatory animals and always on high alert, finding a quiet, secluded spot to “den,” allows them to feel calmer and get a much-needed power nap. Unfortunately, that spot your kitty views as an irresistible nap location, such as a warm dryer, a grocery bag, or under the springs of your best reclining chair, could be dangerous. To avoid dangerous situations, it’s always best to look in and under potential hiding spots where your cat might be resting before using them. You can also create safe spaces for your cat to curl up in, making it less likely that she’ll choose a spot you’d rather she doesn’t. Here are some things to consider, when setting up the perrrfect space for your fur baby to catch some Zs.

  1. Quiet, Dark, and Secluded. Think Batman in his secret lair but instead of a bat cave, you’re setting up a cat cave. A small closet in a less-used spare room, or an out of the way nook would make an excellent hideout for your cat.

  2. An Enclosed Spot. Cat enclosures like cat condos or nest beds are excellent options for your kitty’s hiding spot but cats aren’t picky. Even a small a basket or a simple cardboard box will be attractive to most cats. An enclosure will offer shelter from the outside world and will give your cat a feeling of safety.

  3. Make it Homey. Now that you’ve found a great spot for your feline friend to call her own, make it even more inviting by adding a fur or fleece blanket. If using a portable cat enclosure, you could place it in a sunny spot in your home or at a safe distance from a heat register so that your cat will feel especially cozy.

In providing a safe hiding spot for your cat to settle in for a nap, you’re also giving her the gift of relaxation and security. It not only makes for a happier, healthier kitty but knowing that she’s snuggled up somewhere safe and sound will help you rest easy too.

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