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Essential Ingredients in Canned Cat Food

Unless your cat survives solely on kibbles, canned cat food will be present in your house. This food usually comes wet and is more recommended than dry kibbles because it is a source of water for cats.

If your cats don’t drink enough water, wet food keeps them hydrated. Canned food also has a greater variety compared to kibbles, are usually sufficient all by itself. But have you ever paid much attention to the ingredients of the food you give your cat?

Choosing healthy cat food begins with knowing what ingredients the formula is made of. Are the ingredients natural? Are they safe for your kitties?

Will they interfere with any health issue? Of course, the vet is the best person to recommend the best type of canned cat food, considering the lifestyle, age, weight, activity level, and health issues of the cat. But since you are the parent, you must also know what you should look for when you go to buy food for your fur babies.

Here are top five ingredients that must always be included in canned cat food.

Animal proteins: Cats are essentially carnivores. They are meant to survive on fish and meat. Therefore, the primary ingredients in any cat food should be fish or meat, and not cornmeal, egg meal, and chicken meal. Even if there are vegetables added, they shouldn’t be the first ingredient.

Water: Cats are not the one to drink water willingly. That is why it’s important to have a high-water content in their food. Besides high quality wet canned cat food, you should also leave fresh water for your kitties along with their food and encourage them to drink frequently.

Vitamins and minerals: All cat food should be fortified with vitamins and minerals for the health and vitality of the little felines.

Some of the essential vitamins and minerals are fatty acids for keeping the skin and coat shiny and soft, taurine for eyesight, amino acids for immunity, and fiber for eliminating hairballs and keeping the digestive system healthy.

Fats: Healthy fats are the biggest source of energy for cats. These include fats naturally present in meat and fish and fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Carbohydrates: Cats need some amount of carbs for energy but definitely not wheat and corn. Look for potato starch, green peas, or sweet potatoes instead.

Snappy Tom has been feeding Australian cats with high quality canned cat food for over 40 years. the slogan “real fish for real cats” indicates that all products are made with real meat, without any cheap fillers.

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