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Grain Free Versus Gluten Free Cat Food

Grain free or gluten free cat food, which is best to feed your cat? Or is it that neither are a good choice? It is complex when learning about cat food diets and cat food brands. Let’s look at the differences and similarities between gluten free and grain free cat food. Then you will be able to make a decision on what is best for your cat.

What it Grain Free and Gluten Free Cat Food?

Grain free cat food does not include grain. Gluten free cat food may or may not contain grain. Gluten is the protein found in specific types of grain, mainly wheat, barley, and rye. A gluten free cat food will be free of these proteins. However, they may not be grain free. While grain free will always be gluten free.

A Cat’s Natural Diet

Foods rich in proteins rather than grain-based carbohydrates, which more closely resembles their natural diet.

Grains like corn, wheat and rice are the foundations for many cat foods. This is because they are cheap to produce and allow the food manufacturer to meet the carbohydrate requirements for their foods while saving money.

These types of grains can cause a variety of problems for cats. Some cats are allergic to grains and others have a hard time digesting them. Cats bodies are not meant to digest and absorb grains. In a natural cat diet, they eat more protein and only ingest a small amount of carbs.

Does Grain Free Mean Carb Free

While some grain free cat food is high quality, lower quality food replaces grains with other substitutes like tapioca, and potatoes. Which makes these grain free foods have a higher carbohydrate level. As a result, grain free does not mean low in carbs. To make sure that you choose a high quality grain free cat food, you will need to check the labels.

Advantages to Grain Free Cat Food

  • Grain free cat food contains more of the ingredients like animal proteins such as fish, chicken and meat.

  • Grain free diets eliminate the ingredients causing sensitivity.

How to Shop for Grain Free Cat Food

Read the labels to ensure that there are not any carbohydrate fillers. Be aware that the label may say “all natural” does not mean that it is grain free.

High quality grain free cat food will contain more natural ingredients and is better for your pet.

Peace of Mind

When choosing a cat food, look for a premium high quality of cat food. You want your cat to have the best life and feeding them the best of the best will give them that. It will also give you peace of mind. Brands that use natural ingredients and no fillers are what you want to look for when reading the labels. At Snappy Tom, we are cat lovers, which is why we take pride in promoting “real fish for real cats”. We only provide human grade quality, grain free cat food for your furry friend.

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