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Guide to Choosing the Best Light Cat Food for Your Kitten

Your baby cat is a little fur ball of tremendous energy. The nutritional needs of a kitten are very different from an adult cat.

Many people presume that healthy cat food can be fed to cats of all age and size, which is untrue! It’s vital to consider certain factors while buying all natural cat food. We will talk about those in detail in this article.

  1. Considering the age is extremely important – Once your kitten is weaned off of milk between 4 to 7 weeks old then it is time for solid foods. A kitten should be at least seven weeks old to be fed a premium cat food. Choose a cat food which is made specifically for the age group of your kitty. Cats are considered kittens until they are 1-year-old and need to eat kitten food to start with. Kitten food is higher in calories and contains vital nutrients for a growing kitten.

  2. Take the activeness of your kitten into account – When selecting a high quality cat food for your tiny feline, consider their activity level. Mostly, young cats need a high protein diet to stay healthy and active. Also check the water content, enough fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients.

  3. Consult your veterinarian regarding the best kitten wet food – It is advisable to take some kitten food recommendations from your vet. Only the one attending your kitten can give the best advice.

  4. Offer both wet and dry kitten food – It is good to feed both moist and dry cat food so that your kitty gets familiar with both. It is also good to get them used to different textures, so later in life if they have a medical condition and need to stick to one type of food. Alternately feed them between the two to keep the interest of your kitty alive.

  5. Prefer a protein-rich food –It is obligatory for a cat to eat animal protein owing to their obligate carnivore nature. Chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, and seafood are all preferred animal meats for cats. The kitten food should contain at least 30% protein.

  6. Look for ingredients that support overall development – The right kitten food should be equipped with fatty acids, DHA and amino acids alongside protein and fats. These would boost eye health, cognition, immunity, and digestibility of your kitten.

  7. Play with flavors – Just like us, animals may also get bored with the same flavors! It is better to feed them different foods with different tastes and textures. It would also increase their adaptability to various foods.

  8. Never buy anything without checking the expiration date – Canned cat food is good to be used for almost a year, if unopened. Be watchful and check the expiration date before making a purchase. Be careful about serving any commercial cat food to your kitty. Read the ingredients carefully.

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