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Healthy Habits for Cats

Bad habits...everyone has one, or two...or ten. Even pets can pick up bad habits along the way. More than just an annoyance, bad habits in pets can decrease their quality of life or in the worst-case scenario, could prove fatal. At Snappy Tom, we want to help you to create healthy habits for your cat, so we’ve listed the best habits we could think of, for your cat.

Snappy Paws: Grooming is an essential task for any healthy cat and while cats typically spend a lot of time grooming themselves, you can help. If your cat has long hair, brushing or combing her fur will help to prevent matting and will make grooming easier for her. Even short-haired cats enjoy the feel of a brush along their back or neck. Brushing your cat can also help to clean her coat and keep it shiny. Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed is another important part of grooming, whether you provide a scratching post or use a safe nail trimmer. Dental hygiene is another key to a healthy, happy cat. It’s recommended that you brush your cat’s teeth every day, or at least three times a week. Starting this habit when she’s a kitten will help get the two of you into the routine. Finally, a clean litter box will ensure your cat stays well groomed. Snappy Tom’s Plant Based Litters or Crystal Cat Litters will keep your cat looking and feeling her best!

Snappy Tom: You may be tempted to feed your cat a little something off your plate as he looks up at you with those pleading eyes but providing good food habits is pivotal to the health of your cat. There’s no reason to feed your cat human food and doing so, could be harmful to your beloved pet. While cats do need meat in their diet, the meat you’re eating could be seasoned with spices or herbs that may cause an allergic reaction. Also, important to note, feeding your cat dry food exclusively can put him at risk for diabetes and obesity. Snappy Tom offers a variety of wet foods and treat options to give your cat a natural, healthy, and balanced meal.

Snappy Sip: Every living thing needs water, and your cat is no exception. Your cat can get some of her required water intake from wet foods, but nothing will quench her thirst better than a sip of fresh water. Providing access to a bowl of fresh water is a good habit to continue throughout her life. This is especially so for nursing or elderly cats who are at higher risk for dehydration.

Snappy Step: Cats need exercise to stay healthy. Therefore, playtime is an essential habit for cats at all stages of life. Whether you provide chasing toys, a climbing tower, or you bring your cat outdoors for some recreational play, exercise will allow your cat to maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass, giving him the best chance at a quality life.

Snappy Nap: Your cat has been a good kitty. She’s been adopting those good habits you’re encouraging including grooming, healthy eating, drinking, and exercise. After all that hard work, there’s one final habit humans and cats can agree on. Cat naps are highly encouraged!

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