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Help Your Cat Battle the Bulge with Light Cat Food

Just like us, cats put on a few pounds, especially as they age or become less active. It is important to help them battle the bulge. Overweight cats can face many health implications that can prevent them from enjoying their life. The good news is you can help your cat drop the extra pounds by feeding them light cat fat food.

The Dangers for An Overweight Cat

Cats who are heavy are at an increased risk of having severe health conditions. These conditions include arthritis, diabetes, urinary tract disease. You may also notice that they are not grooming themselves well because they cannot reach certain places.

Step 1: Access Their Calorie Intake

You are going to have to look at what they are eating and how to cut down. Are they eating a lot of treats? If the answer is yes, that makes the first step easy. You need to cut way back on extra snacks. Those calories add up. The next step is to look at how many times they are eating if they have a bowl with food out all the time, and then what are they eating.

Step 2: Canned Food or Dry Food

Canned cat food is often lower in calories when you compare it to dry cat food. The increased water content also helps make your cat feel full after meals without adding calories. If your cat is eating canned food already, then it may be time to look at another option. If your cat is on a dry food diet, then it may be time to try wet food as an alternative to cut back on the calorie intake.

Cats do not need high carbohydrates in their diet, especially indoor cats and older cats. This could be a problem with the food that you are feeding them. Not that it is you are giving them too much it is that the cat food is not high-quality enough. Dry food is notorious for having carbohydrate fillers in the food as it is cheaper to make and because it helps give the texture to dry cat food.

Step 3: Light Cat Food Option

For a cat that likes to eat a lot and you know that cutting back on the amount will not be well-liked, light cat food is a great option. Light cat food is more precise about its nutrition and offers a lower calorie count. It also has a protein minimum of 35% which is perfect for cats as they thrive on a high protein diet. Cats crave proteins so they will not be unhappy with light cat food that has high-quality proteins.

Look at brands that have options as your cat may like to change flavors up and keep things exciting.

Step 4: Check with Your Vet

As with any good diet change, it is best to discuss it with your veterinarian so that you can rule out any medical conditions that may be affecting their weight. Also, to see if they have any advice specific to your cat.

Fight the Bulge to An Ideal Weight

Making sure your cat is at their ideal weight is important for their health. Once you look at the food they are eating and read labels of alternative choices, you will have no problem helping them get back into fighting shape.

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