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How Natural Cat Food Benefits Your Cat

With the current catchphrases like all-natural, organic, used all the time when talking about food for humans and pets, it is hard to know what natural pet food really means. Is it just an advertising method? What does natural cat food really mean and how to find out if your choice is natural. Let’s look at what natural cat food is and if it is the best option for your cat.

The Definition of Natural

When you look up the definition of natural is it an ingredient or feed that is originated from a plant or animal. No chemicals or alterations have been made to it.

What Natural Cat Food Isn’t?

Sometimes the best place to start is to determine what it isn’t. So, when you are thinking about natural cat food it would mean that the ingredients come from plants, animals, and naturally occurring minerals. They are not full of by-products, skeletal meats, connective tissue, blood, or organs. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives either.

How to Determine if it is Natural Cat Food

The first place to start is the ingredients label. The top five ingredients listed are the most important, especially the first one. In cat food, the first ingredient should be a specific protein, chicken, tuna, salmon, etc. It should not say “meat”. The higher the content of natural ingredients like fish and chicken makes them nutritionally richer. Higher quality fish and meats are used in natural cat food.

The next ingredient on the list should be a named fat source. It might be an oil-like sunflower. Taurine is an amino acid that is critical in a cat food diet. Cats require it to maintain their health. It will be in the top 5 ingredients if it is high-quality cat food.

When looking at a natural cat food label, you should not see corn, rice, or oats in the ingredient list. These are fillers to bring down the cost of production, they are not beneficial for your cat.

Do your Due Diligence

If you are unsure about the best brand to buy, do a little research. You can check the website as well as the labels. Look for a brand that uses ‘human-grade’ food, this will ensure that your furry pal is getting high-quality meats.

If you check a brand’s website you can learn a lot about their values and if they truly value your family members.

How Natural Cat Food Benefits Your Cat

There are many proven benefits to feeding your cat a natural cat food diet. Without chemical additives and artificial ingredients, it makes the food more digestible. Cats are obligate carnivores and require more proteins and that digestibility level is important to their overall health. Digestive disorders are common in cats, and studies prove that it is directly related to their diet.

For cats that have allergies, a natural cat food diet is the best as it contains more natural ingredients and fewer fillers that cats systems negatively react to.

You will find that your cat will have a spring in their step and a higher energy level when eating closer to their wildlife diet.

If you are looking for cat food that meets all of your cat’s requirements to live their best life, check out Snappy Tom’s food line up. There are tons of options and they believe in giving your cat the best quality ingredients.

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