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How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

When you go shopping for cat food there are dozens of varieties. Not only can picking your cat food to be tricky it is also hard to know how much to feed them. Too little, too much and the wrong kind of cat food isn’t good for maintaining good health. By establishing regular feeding routines and finding a cat food that is complete and balanced, they will have a great life.

So, the question is how often should I feed my cat? Here is a guide because those questions answer is based on several factors.

How Old is Your Cat?

Age makes a difference in how many times your cat needs to eat. Kittens require more food per pound of bodyweight to support their growth. Which means they need to eat throughout the day. It is best to feed kittens three meals a day. Once they are a little older, 6 months then twice a day should be good.

An adult cat may eat once or twice a day, and seniors should follow the same regimen.

The Health of Your Cat

If your cat has health problems, then in many cases there feeding may need to be altered. For example, if your cat suffers from diabetes you may need to feed based on the administration of insulin. Check with your vet for the best plan.

It is common as cats age for their teeth to go bad or develop gum disease that may make it hard for them to chew dry food. Canned cat food is much easier for them to get the nutrients they need without any trouble.

What is the Best Type of Cat Food?

Canned cat food is a great option for your cat. It is typically about 70 to 80% water, keeping your cat hydrated. Many cats find canned cat food more appetizing, which makes it easier as their owner to get them to eat.

The most important part is to feed them a cat food that has high-quality ingredients and the right balance of nutrients to fulfill their needs. Premium cat food is the best type of food.

Portion Sizes or Free Feeding

Super-sizing portions are not just a problem for humans. Since the feeding instructions on pet food labels are based on the needs of the average cat, you may be feeding your cat more than what is necessary. Talk with your veterinarian if you are unsure.

Free feeding typically is an option when serving dry cat food to your cat. However, leaving food out means that your cat can eat all day and they will tend to put on more weight this way. It is also only an option for dry cat food and the possibility of dehydration increases.

Your Schedule

How often and when you feed your cat will depend on your schedule. Mornings may be hectic when you are trying to get the entire family out the door on time. Evenings would be easier, however, if your schedule is busier in the evening than feeding your cat in the mornings before everyone gets up may be the answer. In the end, whatever schedule works for you and your cat, be sure to be consistent.

Also keep in mind if you have several cats in the house, to monitor who eats what and possibly separating them at feeding time so that one cat doesn’t eat it all. Separating them to different rooms or areas will alleviate this problem.

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