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How to Choose the Best Kitten Wet Food

There are so many options for kitten food and tons of information on the best cat food diets. It is hard to know which choice is best for your new little furry pal. The most important piece is to find a nutritious choice that will keep your new kitty growing up healthy. Here are some tips for choosing the best kitten wet food.

It’s All About Nutritional Value

Quality matters in all food whether it is for a human or for our pets. Choosing a high quality cat food will ensure that your kitty is getting all the nutrients that they need to grow. In particular, your kitten will get the best nutrition from kitten food.

Kitten food is higher in calories than adult cat food. They need extra calories because of all the energy they spend growing and playing. Kittens also need extra nutrients to help them develop and grow. Growing kitties need as much as 3 times more calories and nutrients than an adult cat.

Essential fatty acid DHA is important for nervous system development. So, the amount will be higher than that of adult cat food.

Brands Matter

Choosing a brand to buy from does matter. You want to make sure that you are buying from a brand that adheres to quality as well as regulations and standards that are set. The American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has established regulations for pet food and feed ingredients, as well as sets standards for nutritional adequacy.

Reading cat food labels is critical to confirm that the ingredients match the claims of being “all-natural” or a high quality cat food. The first thing to look for on the label is the protein, specifically that is it a core animal product. The second is to make sure that there are not any filler products, like corn, wheat or rice. These grain fillers are cheap and ensure the food is not what you are looking for as they are added into the food to keep the production costs low.

Best Kitten Wet Food

Wet food is a popular choice for pet owners, as it is easily edible for kittens regardless of dental maturity. Soft food is perfect for many kittens who may struggle with kibble. It also is a great way to guarantee that they are staying hydrated, as wet food has 70% or more moisture in it.

Offering your kitten wet food is important while they are little as cats later in life may be switched to a best kitten wet food diet due to health reasons and if they have never eaten it before they most likely will put up a battle.

Determining what to feed your kitten can be confusing with so many choices, with a little research and due diligence you will be able to find a great choice for your new furry pal. If you are still not sure, consult with your vet to see what recommendations they have based on your kitten’s needs.

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