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How to Determine if Your Cat is Eating All Natural Cat Food

Choosing cat food is as complicated as choosing your food. It takes some knowledge and cat food lingo savviness. All any pet owner just wants to give their furry pal a high-quality cat food diet that will give them good health. So if you are choosing the best all-natural cat food then it should be high quality.

Natural Cat Food by Definition

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FD) has not defined the term “natural” as it applies to human food. However, there is a definition.

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AFFCO) says “natural” ingredients cannot be produced by or subjected to chemically synthetic processes. Ingredients that are derived from plant, animal or mined sources are “natural” according to AAFCO.

What About Human Grade?

The USDA defines products fir for human consumption to be officially “edible”. They have passed regulations and are safe for humans to eat. AAFCO explain human grade as a product that is deemed to be edible for humans, all ingredients must be human edible and the product must be manufactured, packed, and held in accordance with federal regulations.

Human Grade Cat Food Ingredient Standards

The most significant difference between human grade cat food and other products is that, while non-human grade food may or may not contain “inedible” ingredients, human-grade food never does. Human grade cat food is made from human-edible ingredients only.

Why is this important? When it comes to animal proteins in pet food, there are some companies that will put meat by-products in the food. Another occurrence of its pet food will contain material from diseased animals or animals which have died in other ways and not usable for humans, however, it is considered fit for animal consumption. Other things that are permitted in pet food can be excessive pesticides, chemical contamination, toxins, microbiological contamination, or drug residues.

Human grade means that the cat food does not contain these low-grade ingredients. It is quality protein, as their diet in the wild. So, it definitely means that the meat and many of the ingredients are on the path to a more all-natural diet.

Ingredients You Should Not See on the Label

All Natural cat food sometimes is also about what is not in it the food. It will be free from chemical agents, preservatives, dyes, grains, corn, soy, artificial dyes. If you find these items hidden in the ingredients list, then you know it is not well balanced and it is not all-natural. Sometimes it is just as important knowing what isn’t supposed to be on the label. The label will always show the fillers.

Finding the Best All Natural Cat Food

Once you know some of the things to double-check on when looking at labels and brands, it becomes easy to spot an all-natural cat food. Finding the best all-natural cat food may take a little extra time and research, however, once you find a brand that fits then you don’t have to worry anymore.

At Snappy Tom, we use the highest quality human-grade fish and meat in our recipes that appeal to your cat’s finicky tastes while giving them all the nutrients that they need. We understand wanting to feed your cat the best food there is.

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