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How to improve your cat's sleep quality

Cats can sleep an average of 15 to 20 hours a day and that is no surprise at all to cat owners. Having a very quiet house during the day and seeing their cute sleepy faces fighting against anything that bothers their sleep is part of the best moments you could ask for when having a pet around. That is exactly why we are bringing some great tips on how to improve their sleep quality and make you feel responsible for providing a snuggly rest to your babies.

Understand their needs

The sleeping habits of cats can vary according to their age, health and overall behavior. To better guide you on this part, let's understand their process on a phase by phase basis.

Kittens - They can go from complete sleepyheads to crazy active depending on their growth. When they are very young, they will mostly eat and sleep just like newborn babies, but once they start getting closer to becoming adults, their sleep schedule can be completely different and offer you some instability.

Adults - This is when they develop a regular sleeping schedule and can take up to 20 hours of sleep in a day. It's a very stable time for you and your house and you will understand their hours and needs more easily.

Seniors - As you can imagine, cats tend to sleep even more when they are older and you will see much less jumping and scratching activities than you did before.

Where are they sleeping?

Always make sure you have some nice spots around the house that match their sleeping needs according to their personalities - some will enjoy a fluffy cushion, others may love the dark, and so on. Comfort matters and buying them a nice bed or just creating a cozy corner on your couch can do wonders.

Playtime is a good ally

We don't need to explain how energetic cats can be, right? If you want to have a more peaceful night to yourself, make sure to spend some extra time playing with your furry baby. Just like humans, they also get tired, and having fun activities can wear them out in the best possible way.

A healthy diet

High-quality food can improve everything in your cat's life, from health to sleep. Knowing that cats tend to sleep better after eating well, offering an attractive meal during the night can help with getting them ready to comfortably rest for a good part of the night, also helping improve your sleep.

Get real!

We can directly help you with the diet part: our pet food is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It's real fish for real cats! So, choosing anything from Snappy Tom means you're providing high-quality and delicious food for your sleepyhead.

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