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How to Keep Your Cat From Being a Fussy Eater

If we could, we would give our cats their favorite things all the time! Unfortunately, we can’t fill a bowl with cat treats and expect good things. Nevertheless, your cat may spontaneously become a picky eater and you need a way to get them to eat the food you have. Below are five things to do to put an end to your princess’s pickiness.

Don’t Vary Their Food as Kittens

The kittenhood of your cat is an impressionable time of their life. It’s tempting for us to experiment with various kitten food to see which brand they like the best, but the effect this has is that the kitten expects a variety of food as an adult. So when you finally settle on one brand, or one flavor, they’ll get bored with it and expect you to change the food. This will cause you to have several different cat food bags open at a time.

Move the Food Bowl

If this pickiness is a recent behavior, it might be the food bowl’s location. Did you move it recently? Is it in an area of the house that’s too crowded or too loud? Cats are small creatures and won’t feel like it’s safe to eat if there’s thumping and loud talking. Your kitty won’t like eating too close to their litter box either and it’s easy to understand why that would curb their appetite.

Keep Their Food Out for Half an Hour

If your fluffy overlord is just picky, you’ll have to take drastic measures and give them time limits to eat before putting the food away again. This will let them know that they only have the food and time to eat that they’re given, and when they are hungry, they will stop being picky. When they’re not picky anymore, you can leave the food out again, but be careful that you didn’t just create the fear in your cat to eat as much as they can before the food is taken again.

Avoid Giving Them Extra Treats

We like junk food because they’re addictive. Cat treats are the same. Too many treats will start making your kitty prefer the treats over their actual meals, which is unhealthy as much as it is annoying because they can get very demanding.


Those were five steps from kittenhood to adulthood to prevent and treat a picky kitty. If these don’t help, don’t lose hope. There are other methods to try that just couldn’t make it on this list.

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