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How to tell if your cat isn’t feeling well

An unwell cat can become a strain on your family’s well being. Not knowing whether your feline friend is feeling moody or needs to see a vet can be frustrating. To help you tell if your cat isn’t feeling well, here are some common signs to look out for:

  • Cats get moody just like the rest of us, but if these moods tend to be sudden and out of the blue, then this can be a warning sign that something is wrong.

  • If your cat is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea and there is no known cause (such as a change in diet).

  • Your cat is feeling lethargic, sleeping more often than usual, or doesn’t want to partake in the activities they love.

  • Your cat’s eyes are dilated or constricted.

  • There is a change in how much your cat eats, drinks, and overall appetite.

  • Your cat is quickly losing or gaining weight without any real cause. If your cat is refusing to eat, this can lead to weight loss as well, so these are usually tied together.

  • Your cat is suddenly not using their litter box even though it is clean and easily accessible.

  • Your cat isn’t as vocal as they normally are and may not interact with you the way their previous personality would predict.

  • They may not be grooming themselves.

  • They’re losing hair or biting at areas of their body in which they may be feeling pain,

  • Your cat may limp from an injury.

  • A big sign that something is amiss with your cat is that they may be hiding or secluding themselves from you and your family.

If you see signs that your cat isn’t feeling well, be sure to make them as comfortable as possible and call a veterinarian to get them checked soon. The sooner that you can begin treating your cat’s illness, the sooner they will feel better.

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