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How Your Cat Shows Gratitude

You love your cat and you’re grateful for your furry companion but how does kitty feel about you? When you think he’s just being a cat, with his cute little cat behaviors, he’s actually showing you cat-titude...which translates to gratitude in human language. Here are just a few ways your cat says, “thank you.”

Rolling. No. We’re not talking pumpkins. We’re referring to that moment when your cat drops on her back and rolls over to expose her belly. This is her way of showing you that she not only appreciates you, but also trusts you. She may be asking for some love. “Belly rub please,” or simply saying, “I’m thankful that I can be myself with you.”

Getting Cheeky. Has your cat ever rubbed his cheek against yours? You might have been wondering what that meant and now you know. He was giving you a sweet sign of gratitude. The cheek rub is a way your cat shows affection. He might even be saying, “I’m so grateful to have you in my life.”

Cuddles and Kisses. When your cat is snuggling up to you, it’s pretty obvious she’s displaying her thanks for all that you do. Kisses, in the form of gentle licks or full-on grooming, are that extra special way she shows you thanks. In a cat’s world, to groom is to be grateful.

Giving Gifts. Yes. Cats actually give gifts. They may be in the form of a toy left under your pillow or in your shoe, or it could even be a rodent your cat caught on his adventures. It’s his way of telling you, “I love you. I’m grateful. Please accept this token of thanks.”

Making Pie. Wait. What? Yes, still referring to your cat. Cats will knead, similar to someone working dough for pie crust, when they’re pleased. Those little paw steps your cat makes on your leg, your back, even your head are her way of saying, “You’re as sweet as pumpkin pie!”

Head Bumps. Since your cat doesn’t have the ability to make a fist for bumping, his closest move is the head bump. If he gets up close and gently bumps your head it’s his way of saying, “Respect bro.”

Purr-fectly Content. Finally, the number one way your cat shows how thankful she is for you, is a warm, rumbling purr. A purr is the sound of one pleased cat. When you hear her purring, you know she’s simply saying, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” 🧡

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