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Is Grain Free Cat Food Better For My Cat?

There are many types of cat food diets on the market to choose from for your furry pal. The grain free cat food diet started with the idea of high-quality premium ingredients that will fulfill the nutritional needs of your cat. Let’s look at what a grain-free diet consists of and the benefits to your feline.

What is Grain Free Cat Food?

Simply put, grain free cat food is a cat food that does not contain grains like wheat, corn, rice, and gluten.

Grain free cat food is mainly made up of meat, poultry, or fish. They enrich it with fruit and vegetables. Hard-to-digest carbohydrates such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, or even millet, corn, or rice are not added to the food. This makes it easily digestible and tolerable for cats.

It provides all the nutrients and minerals necessary for the proper development and maintenance of your cat’s health.

Benefits of Grain Free Cat Food

Cats are naturally carnivores and a grain free diet emulate this natural wild like diet. Protein is listed as the first ingredient on the label in a grain free diet.

The main characteristics of this diet are that the protein of animal origin is the first ingredient, it has fewer carbohydrates; it does not contain cereals and all the components are 100% natural without chemical additives.

In addition, its meat content is higher providing more quality protein to the cat, strengthening its health, improving its vitality and fur condition.

Carbohydrates on Your Cat’s Health

Cats have a harder time assimilating carbohydrate from cereals than from other ingredients that are usually included in grain free foods: potatoes, peas, carrots, or squash.

Grain is a common ingredient in many dry cat foods; however, it is not biologically suitable for them. They can develop a sensitivity to grain, causing gastrointestinal and skin problems gradually over months or years in addition, intermittently or chronically.

Food Intolerances

Another advantage is that the risk of food intolerances is reduced. Many experts also suggest that diets without cereals are the best alternative for animals with allergies, although corn and other grains are not among the most common allergens in the feline. For those who really have allergies to proteins in cereals and is diagnosed by the veterinarian, a diet without grains would be the ideal choice.

Most of the nutrition must come from meat proteins, cereals, as an additional source of energy, will not be a problem if they are given in small quantities. As seen in the natural nutrition of wild cats, there is no compelling need to eat grain. It is also recommended that sensitive kittens, with a tendency to allergic reactions and intolerances, to not overload their metabolism with unnecessary grains.

Read the Label

If it is a grain free cat food double-check, the ingredients listed on the back to be sure that there aren’t any. Since grain free cat food does not contain grain, it is also gluten free cat food. The range of high nutrition, made with natural ingredients like Snappy Tom Ultimates, offers a diet created only with ingredients that cats will find in the wild.

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