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Is Grain Free Cat Food the same as Gluten Free Cat Food?

Sugar free, grain free, gluten free, low carb and high protein are all diet options for your cat. The two most common ones for a cat are grain free cat food and gluten free cat food. Are they different? Are they similar? What is the type of food to get for your cat?

Grain Free Cat Food

Grains that are typically found in cat foods are rice, corn, wheat, and oats. Grain free cat food is food that does not have any of these ingredients or any grain.

Grains like wheat are the most common allergy among cats. Which makes grain free cat food the best choice for your kitty.

While some grain free cat food is high quality, lower quality food replaces grains with other substitutes like tapioca, and potatoes. Which makes those grain free foods have a high carbohydrate level. As a result, grain free does not always mean low in carbs. Which is where reading the content labels is so important.

High quality grain free cat food contains more natural ingredients and is better for your pet.

A high protein, low carb, grain-free diet is the perfect diet for a diabetic or obese cat.

Grain Allergy

If your cat has a grain allergy than your cat could suffer from itchiness, inflamed skin, bald patches, excessive hair loss, “hot spots”, sores, and scabs. A grain free diet is good for a cat that has allergies.

If your cat is experiencing any of these problems, have it confirmed by your vet that it is a food allergy and discuss their current diet. Many cat owners have found that once their cat is eating higher quality food that their coats and skin are fuller and more lustrous.

Gluten Free Cat Food

Gluten free cat food may or may not contain grains. Gluten is a specific protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye. So, a gluten free cat food will not have these types of proteins, but it may very well have other grains.

Most cats are not allergic to gluten, of course there is a small percentage of cats that are. If you suspect that your cat has a gluten allergy have your vet test your cat to be sure.

The Best Food for Your Cat

Gluten free cat food may or may not be grain free, but grain free cat food will always be gluten free. While there are some similarities, the two are different. Cats are carnivores and they do need protein from animals in their diet. Gluten and other plant-based proteins cannot be the sole protein source. If they don’t have gluten allergies some plant proteins in the diet are good for you cat.

In the end it is up to you as the cat owner to be diligent in reading cat food labels and finding the best food fit for your cat. The one thing that should be a part of your cat’s diet is a high quality cat food.

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