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Is the Best Light Cat Food a Good Option?

A fit well-fed feline is always the goal of a pet owner. However, like humans with age, a more sedentary lifestyle or illness, it may not be easy to keep a trim waistline. The question then becomes what can I do to help my overweight cat? And is best light cat food good for my cat?

Health Risks for an Overweight Cat

Weight problems in cats can lead to short term and long-term health complications. It can lead to more serious illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, urinary problems, GI diseases and even the possibility of cancer.

What is Best Light Cat Food?

Best light cat food is more precise nutrition, with a lower calorie count, it is perfect for a less active cat. The protein needs to have a minimum content of 35%. High in protein like a cat’s natural diet. Protein is easy for a cat to digest.

Indoor cats do not need heavy carbohydrate foods. A high-carbohydrate diet is that the cat gets more energy than they need or can use. The higher the concentration of carbs in the diet, the lower the intake of protein. Cats are designed to use protein and fat as energy sources. Cats do love a high amount of real meat and that is possible with a best light cat food.

Benefits of Best Light Cat Food

There are many benefits by switching to light cat food. Lighter foods are less concentrated, so you don’t have to worry about giving them a smaller portion. They enrich these diets with all the necessary nutrients, so you are not skimping on the value.

Is Dry or Wet Cat Food a Better Choice?

Weight loss is best in feeding a high-protein, low-carb diet. Dry food has higher levels of flour and sugar so that it will stay uniform and not fall apart. Dry food contents have 50% of it as grain. The dry food doesn’t spoil as quickly because of the preservatives in it. This makes it a money-conscious choice; however, it is not going to help your cats’ figure.

Finding a high-protein, low-carb diet in dry food is much harder. This makes a wet cat food an easier choice. There are more choices if you decide wet food is the route you want to take. No matter what you choose, you need to read the ingredient labels.

Gradual Weight Loss

Just like a human cat’s need to lose weight gradually. Maintaining a healthy weight is possible for your cat with best light cat food. Your feline will get back into fighting shape and on the path to better wellness. When the optimal weight is reached, monitor to make sure that your cat maintains that weight and does not lose anymore.

As with any diet regimen, if you have any questions, consult with your veterinarian on what is best for your cat.

It is important that you keep in mind that light doesn’t mean lower quality, it simply is fewer carbs and better ingredients. In fact, with brands like Snappy Tom, it is a higher quality cat food.

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