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Litter Training Your Cat

So, you’re the new parent to a fuzzy, cute kitten or possibly an adult cat. Either way, you know there will be great reward in this new relationship, and you’re thrilled to have a new furry companion until you notice some accidents around the house. Now comes the work.

Litter training a kitten is usually a fairly simple process and it starts with location, location, location. Ensuring your kitty’s litter box is in a place that will be most convenient for her to access and for you to keep clean will give you the most chance for success. Choose an area that is free of other clutter and isn’t near food or dining. You certainly don’t want to be sharing your evening meal plans with kitty’ schedule.

Next, you will need to consider the type of litter your kitty might prefer. There are many options on the market including plant based, crystal and clumping litters. Your cat won’t likely be very picking on what kind of litter she does the deed in, as long as you stay consistent and clean the area regularly to prevent her from getting sick or causing an overflow of waste. If you notice she isn’t keen on using the litter box it might be as simple as switching out the litter you have for a new one. Some cats will be turned off by scented litters or may have sensitive paws.

Finally, when your cat does use the litter box properly, reward her with a special treat or a piece of dry cat food to show her she’s done the right thing. If you’re training an adult cat, it may take more time and patience to get her in the right frame of mind to take her comfort breaks in designated areas. It could help to find out what kind of litter her former owner or shelter used. Also, noting her routine and bringing her to the litter box in anticipation of the deed could prevent her from having accidents on your favourite chair. Again, rewards including treats and affection will help her to stay motivated once she begins to litter train properly.

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