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Natural Cat Food: 7 Common Myths & Misconceptions Busted

Don’t we all love our pets and want to provide them with the best of everything? An all natural cat food is one such thing that we know is good for our kittens.

But there are certain myths and misconceptions related to them which make the cat owners skeptical about feeding their cats with canned cat food. In this article, we’ll bust the 7 most common myths & misconceptions related to various natural cat foods.

Myth #1: Premium cat food is just priced higher. A lot of pet owners see premium foods as nothing but a pricey version of the regular cat food. However, this isn’t true! These foods are sourced with high-quality ingredients and cooked at relatively lower temperatures to retain vital nutrients. High quality cat foodis highly bio-available which makes it easy for your cat to metabolize it. Myth #2: Organic foods are the best. While organic meat is a great source of proteins for kittens, organic pet foods, generally, lack in high-protein content. Most of the organic foods contain plant proteins that are likely to increase the carbohydrate count in your cat’s body. Myth #3: Never change or mix different cat foods. It is not at all bad to try different flavors of healthy cat foods as variety sometimes is good for your little friend. This may prevent food sensitivities, over-supplementation as well as nutritional imbalances in your cat, which is great to better their digestion and boost their immunity.

Myth #4: Homemade diets are harmful. If your home-cooked cat food is rich in vitamins and minerals that your cat needs, it is amazing! The problem with homemade cat food is that if you do not do it correctly, it can be dangerous for your cat. Adding the correct supplements and the correct amount is critical. There are many ingredients that seem healthy and yet for a cat they are not. The diet itself isn’t harmful; it is the cooking and making the food that can be.

Myth #5: Only dry cat food is good for cats. While dry foods seem to be great, they aren’t actually safe for your kitty if fed on a regular basis! As per scientific research, it shows that dry foods are triggers for chronic health issues in cats. It is important to give water-based foods to your cat.

Myth #6: Hyperactive, stressed, and aggressive cats require calming foods.

Food sensitivities tend to affect the health and behavior of cats. Hence, it becomes important to evaluate the diet of your kitty before going ahead with any prescriptive cat food. Myth #7: Raw foods may trigger bacterial contamination.

Bacterial contamination isn’t specifically caused by raw foods. The risk is higher in cats with a weak immune system.

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