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New Year’s Resolution’s for Your Cat

If you are like us, you are probably thinking about making New Year’s resolutions you want to commit to in 2020. The list doesn’t need to just be about you, your cat needs some 2020 goals to. Your cat may already be in peak physical condition and on an amazing path to a long life. However, maybe there are ways to improve their health for the new year with more movement, hygiene practices, and eating high quality cat food.

Move More

Most people have fitness goals on their list. Our cat’s need exercise as well. All it may take to inspire your kitty is a new fun toy or one-on-one time with you. Cats are not always looking to play, but if you are interacting with them during playtime, they will want to for the attention. Playtime will help them practice their reflexes and coordination. Playing and exercise will also help with them from becoming bored.

Enriching their Environment

Enriching your cat’s environment is easy with a cat tree, scratching post or food puzzles. All of these encourage natural cat behaviors like scratching, climbing and hunting. It will improve your cat’s physical and mental wellbeing. Cats

Eating Better High Quality Cat Food

Monitoring your cat’s diet will help keep them in the fittest shape and ensure a long life. Sometimes it can be tempting to go with an economy friendly cat food. However, your cat’s nutrition is a priority and feeding them high quality cat food.

It is time to re-evaluate your cat’s food. Is it giving them all the nutrients they require? Is the cat food using premium ingredients and not full of fillers? Your cat is a carnivore by nature and with that their diet needs to have animal protein as the main ingredient. Check the label to make sure that you are giving your cat the best of the best when it comes to quality.

Canned cat food offers a high moisture content which helps get water into your cat and not allowing them to become dehydrated.

Brushing Their Teeth Regularly

Dental hygiene is huge for cats just like people. If your cat is an outdoor cat you have no idea what they have put in their mouth. With an indoor cat, you need to be sure to reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque.

Be sure to use a cat toothpaste and toothbrush when brushing their teeth. While your cat may not love cleaning their teeth, it is a huge piece in cat grooming. Your vet will be happy and so will you and your cat in the end.

Vet Visits

Be sure to stay on top of your cat’s physical exams and see your veterinarian. It is better to visit and stay on top of your cat’s health with prevention than when your cat falls ill. We know some cats have a very hard time going, but it will make their lives better with visits.

New Year, New You

Good Luck with yours and your cat’s New Year’s resolutions. The key is that it is a work in progress. With some minor modifications and routine changes, you and your cat will have an amazing 2020 with health and wellness.

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