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Only the Best Premium Cat Food

When you are thinking about what to feed your cat only the best cat food will do for your family member. Which then brings you to the question is premium cat food good for my cat? Will it benefit them and how do I know it really is the best. Here is a guide to what premium cat food is.

What is Premium Cat Food?

When choosing a cat food, the sources and nutrients are key. Cat food varies in the quality of ingredients and the actual ingredients themselves. Premium cat food has higher standards in each of these categories and are made to address your cat’s specific nutritional needs.

How is Premium Cat Food Better for My Cat?

Premium cat food is more densely packed with nutrients than economy cat food. High quality ingredients can contribute to better digestibility and the overall health of your cat. Cats are carnivore’s by nature and when a cat food is has quality ingredients and no fillers or cheap substitutions, it is what they naturally can handle.

They base specific nutritional needs on a number of factors, age, activity level, environment and physical makeup. Premium cat food has higher quality protein sources, no artificial dyes and added antioxidants and vitamins.

What to Look for in Cat Food

Cats have four basic needs no matter their age.

  • Animal protein source

  • Water

  • Taurine, an essential amino acid

  • Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids

Animal protein is huge in a cat’s diet and they require it to maintain their health. No vegetarians here. Corn, wheat, and rice are often used as fillers, even though cats need very little of carbohydrates in their diet. Economy brands use more carbohydrate filler in their products as it reduces the costs.

Cats that eat too many carbs end up eating much more than they would if we gave them high quality foods. The continued feeding of low-quality food over time will contribute to serious medical conditions and require extra veterinary care.

Reading the Label

The ingredient label will give you the real answers as to if it is a premium cat food or not. Protein can come from a variety of sources, including plant matter, so make sure that it is a named animal protein. The ingredients list is written based on the percentage in the food from highest to lowest. Meats should make up the first one or two ingredients.

  • High quality protein sources – Protein should include high-quality meat

  • Preservatives – Natural preservatives such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other natural spices. No chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.

  • Antioxidants – They are often added to cat food to supplement and help a cat’s immune system. Antioxidants can help deter many diseases, including kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer.

  • Artificial Dyes – They are used for visual purposes, but unnecessary, and they have linked some to medical problems

  • By-products – These are a less expensive alternative to using high quality meat. They are not a good food source for your cat.

High Quality Cat Food

Premium Cat Food is a more all natural source of cat food for your furry pal. It is a high quality cat food option that will help your cat stay in good physical condition, giving you and your family time with your beloved pet.

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