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Reading Labels to Find a High Quality Cat Food

Choosing a cat food seems easy when you are telling a non-pet owner. However, we know that it is far more difficult than just picking one out and moving forward. There are many choices, and picking out the best one is overwhelming. You know you want to choose a premium, high-quality cat food.

Here are some tips so that you can make the most informed decision when looking at cat food options.

Label Lingo

Knowing the lingo that cat food companies use on labels will help you decipher if it is, in fact, a high-quality cat food.

  • Product Name – What kind of cat food is it? It should feature a key ingredient, but that is not always true.

  • Net Weight – How much is in the container.

  • Ingredient List – Ingredients must be listed in decreasing order according to weight. Moisture content affects weight, so keep it in mind when reading.

  • Guaranteed Analysis – States the maximum or minimum amount of certain nutrients, including protein, fiber, and fat.

  • Nutritional Adequacy Statement – This states the lifestyle and age of the cat that the food is intended for.

  • Feeding Directions – These are general guidelines, not the rules for feeding your cat.

  • Statement of Responsibility – The company responsible for making the product.

Look Beyond the Title

When it comes to picking a cat food, do not choose just based on the name on the front label. “Chicken Cat Food” means something different from “Cat Food with Chicken”. There are three rules that cat food companies must follow when picking out a name. Understanding this will help you choose high-quality cat food.

  • Rule #1 – If the label reads “Chicken Cat Food” then it must contain at least 95% of the named ingredient, not including moisture content. If the label reads two ingredients, chicken and fish, the food has to contain more of whichever is named first and together they must add up to 95%.

  • Rule #2 – Don’t let the word dinner trip you up. If the product contains less than 95% meat or fish, but more than 35% it must say, “dinner”, “entrée”, “formula” or “platter”. Check the ingredients carefully. This is not high-quality cat food.

  • Rule #3 – “With” in the product name and it means that they are only required to include 3% of that named ingredient. So, “Cat Food with Tuna”, will have a lot less tuna than Tuna Cat Food”.

Meat and Meal Are Very Different

Meat and Meal are not the same things when it comes to cat food. Meat is what you would expect, the animal protein that you want to feed your cat. It is cleaned and high-quality animal protein for your cat. Meal, on the other hand, can include finely ground tissue, ground bone, decomposed fish, and byproducts that are not what a high-quality cat food should have in it. In essence, meal is a filler that some brands use to make the product cheaper to produce.

Meal can also be used to refer to corn or rice, which is also just a carb filler and does not meet the nutritional needs of your cat.

Snappy Tom is High-Quality Cat Food

Snappy Tom is a high-quality cat food that is perfect for even the pickiest of cats. When you look at the ingredients and nutrition of their labels, you will find that they have the highest quality all-natural ingredients. You can rest assured that your cat is getting exactly what they need. It is the perfect taste and texture keeping your cats happy and giving them a long life.

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