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Red Flag Ingredients to Avoid A Cat Food Recall

Pet food recalls can be scary for any pet owner. While nothing in life is guaranteed, by being diligent and researching, and knowing what to look for, you can avoid certain flags.


Contaminants are a huge cause of pet food recalls. Whether it is a chemical or bacterial contaminant. Bacterial contamination occurs because of not thoroughly cooking a meat. And then contact between the cooked and raw ingredients not being reintroduced correctly.

There have been studies that have found contaminants that have links to cancer and other adverse health conditions. This may be a huge reason that health problems and chronic diseases are on the rise in our pets.

Wheat, Rice, and Corn Glutens

In the past, these three ingredients caused a huge cat food recall. The main reason for the contamination was the source or manufacturer of the gluten. Many companies were getting their gluten imported from countries that do not have high standards. As gluten is not toxic to pets without a gluten allergy.

However, your cat does not get any nutritional benefits from wheat, rice, or corn. They use these to boost the protein levels in cat food. The main protein source in cat food should come from animal proteins.

Wheat, Corn, and Soy

While the grains themselves are not what you want to feed your cat. They are prone to a mold that can be deadly. Pet food manufacturers are supposed to test for the mold. However, in previous years it has been proven that some overlook this test.


Avoid a recall headache and do some brand research. You want to look for a brand that uses premium quality ingredients. No additives or chemicals added in the food.

Brands reputation have they had multiple cat food recalls? Do they process their food in third rate processing plants?

Read the labels. Does the front say all natural cat food, and then you read the label and find fillers, then it is not all natural. The credibility of the brand would then be in question. It also means that they are not following the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) rules and regulations.

You want to find a brand that cares about the quality of the food they make not the bottom line. Also, a brand that does use high quality foods in their canned cat food.

Safer Food Choices

Canned cat food is generally safer than dry food, as dry tends to be heavily processed, higher carb content and low water content. Cats are not made to digest carbs, like grains, corn, soy, or rice. By feeding them these foods they develop illnesses and diseases.

Genuine all natural cat food is one way to ensure that your cat is eating a safer food. By advocating for your cat’s food and choosing high quality cat food, the risk of feeding your cat food that could be recalled decreases. In the end, looking out for your cat is the best way to avoid feeding your cat food that could be recalled.

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