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Should My Cat Be on a Feeding Schedule?

When determining the feeding schedule, you must take their age and health conditions into consideration. Also, does your cat have any allergies? A feeding schedule has many advantages and health benefits to your cat.

How Many Times A Day?

Most cats eat twice a day, which ends up being morning and night. It is suggested that you leave the food bowl out for 30 minutes and then pick it up. One is good for your cat and can encourage them to eat. The other reason is that canned cat food can spoil by being left out for a long period of time.

High Quality Cat Food

The first part of the schedule is making sure that you are feeding your cat a high quality cat food. You want to make sure that you are feeding your cat food that will fulfill their nutritional requirements. In addition, you want to be sure that the cat food is not full of fillers and by-products. Which is why all natural cat food is critical. By feeding your cat the best food, it ensures that they are able to digest and process it.

Protecting Your Cat from Being Overweight

A feeding schedule is a sure way to help protect your cat from overeating. You have portion control and will know how much your cat is truly eating. By leaving cat food out and letting them freely eat when they want, it is hard to manage.

A high quality cat food is important if you are worried about your cat’s weight. And if you are thinking of a high protein low carb, then with canned cat food it will be critical to have a schedule not only for portion control but for maintaining integrity of the food.

If your cat is used to food being left out all day, they may protest at first, but they will get into the routine and it will be fine.


If your cat is on a daily medication, mealtimes are a good time to give the medicine as you can mix it up in the bowl. Of course, canned cat food is easier to mix medicine into. Cats are smart and sensitive to smell so mixing meds with foods like tuna can help.

Water Reminder for You

While cats don’t always drink a lot of water, they do drink it occasionally. They also are known to play in the water bowls. Refilling the water bowl when it is feeding time can help you track if they are drinking water and how much as well as making sure that it is fresh. Feeding schedules are a great water reminder for us humans.

Praise and Attention

If you have a finicky eater by having a feeding schedule, it gives you the opportunity to offer praise and extra attention for eating. Cats want to make their humans happy and so a set time to eat might be the answer to help your cat eat better and give them the love they want.

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