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Should My Chubby Cat Eat Light Cat Food?

As cats get older, their activity levels may drop from that spunky playful kitten. Also, indoor cats have a harder time keeping active and not living a more sedentary lifestyle. So like humans, it is easy to put on some unwanted pounds. If your cat is a little chubby or overweight, you are probably asking yourself, should I change to the best light cat food?

What are the Benefits of Best Light Cat Food?

There are many benefits from switching to a specially formulated light best cat food. First, it has more precise nutrition. They are less concentrated, and the calorie count is carefully analyzed so as to give the essential nutrients without the added calories. This helps in the battle of portion size, you can still give your cat a good size amount without worrying that it will be too much. For your cat this is ideal.

Light cat foods are formulated to be easy to digest, low in fat and fiber, and a quality protein. It will be a lower carb diet than what they may currently be eating. Which is better for them, as it is more like the diet in the wild that their bodies are meant to have.

Canned Light Cat Food versus Dry Cat Food

There are many best light cat food options, however, canned cat food offers more benefits to your cat. Dry food has higher levels of flour and sugar to keep its consistency and not fall apart. It also has a lot of grains and carbohydrates in it.

Canned cat food also has a high moisture content, so it will help keep your cat hydrated, but also keep your cat fuller longer. Canned cat food makes it easier for a cat who doesn’t like to drink water hydrated.

Slow and Steady

Like most things in life, slow and steady wins the race. When it comes to weight loss in your cat, it is best that they lose weight gradually. It can take months but that is ok. Rapid weight loss is dangerous and may be a sign of a more serious problem. Once your cat has reached their ideal weight, then it will be about maintenance and the best light cat food is still the best choice. You can add treats back in, and it’s easy to maintain a good weight going forward.


If you are worried about your cat getting bored, look for the best light cat food that comes in a variety of proteins and flavors. Your cat may like the same all the time, but for those who like variety, it is possible to give them the best light cat food and still have options.

Always Check With Your Vet

With all weight loss programs, check with your vet if you are unsure about the correct steps or what your cat’s needs are. You and your vet know your cat the best.

Whether your cat is in need of a diet or not, just remember all-natural healthy ingredients will keep your cat fit, healthy, and strong.

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